Tollywood producer raises questions about Shakib Khan's acting ability Acting
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Tollywood producer raises questions about Shakib Khan's acting ability

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 27 Mar 2024, 08:12 am

Entertainment Reporter, Dhaka, 27 March 2024: Shakib Khan is the top hero of Dhaka cinema. There is no contemporary hero to match him in Dhallywood. Shakib's movies mean the audience in the theatres. However, Tollywood producer Rana Sarkar raised a question about that hero.

This producer of several films of Opar Bengal thinks that Shakib is popular as a superstar but he is not very good in acting. He said this in an interview given to a television channel of the country recently.

Rana Sarkar said, "Though Shakib is popular, his movies don't have the audience in West Bengal. Superstar movies like Dev, Jeet, Soham, don't do the way they should. Shakib Khan may be very popular, but he's not as good as other actors who are making a name for themselves."

Rana Sarkar commented that although Shakib was seen in several joint productions of Bangladesh and India, the halls of West Bengal are not so interested in the movies of this hero.

He said, "Shakib Khan's movies are not shown in theaters, even in any satellite channel in Bengal, they do not pay him the price that I will pay, there are heroes like Jeet."

According to this producer, Shakib Khan is a superstar, but if he had focused more on acting, it would have been better!

Meanwhile, Rana Sarkar's comments were not taken well by Shakib fans. Their comments - Not only Shakib, this producer has made offensive comments about many such heroes before.

It should be noted that the producer Rana Sarkar often mocked the heroes of West Bengal. He raised questions about their inability to act and various weaknesses. This producer also questioned the acting skills of a popular hero like Shakib Khan.