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Two Russian ships in Mongla with Rooppur power plant goods

Two children to be with Japanese mother: Court

I will not run away, if necessary I will go to Fakhrul-Tuku's house: Quader

Entire city of Rajshahi turned into a grand gathering of the Prime Minister

Bangladesh will surpass China in garment industry, report claims

Dhaka, January 28: China has fallen into an economic recession due to the impact of Corona. The European Union (EU) is generally the largest importer of clothing from the Chinese market. Statistics show that Bangladesh can surpass China in terms of clothing imports. A mass media in Bangladesh has revealed such information.

Bangladeshi shipping company HR Lines holds top position in South Asia

Dhaka, January 26: In June 2020, HR Lines started transporting containers with two ships registered in the country. Two and a half years have passed since then. Six more ships have been added to the company's fleet. In this short time, this Bangladeshi container shipping company has risen to the top position in South Asia.

Bangladesh will be further assisted: World Bank MD

Dhaka, January 25: The World Bank will further assist Bangladesh in creating jobs in the private sector, improving social and economic inclusion, and reducing climate risks, said Axel Van Trotsenburg, the organization's managing director.

Government's goal to raise per capita income to $12,000 by 2041: Prime Minister

Dhaka, January 25: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that she has assumed the power of the state with the aim of giving a beautiful life to the people. Her goal is to raise the per capita income of the people to 12 thousand US dollars by 2041. However, in this progress of the country, she urged everyone to be careful against any conspiracy.

No loan received from IMF so far: Finance Minister

Dhaka, January 25: Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal said that no loan has been received so far from the IMF (International Monetary Fund) in the current (2022-23) financial year. However, talks are ongoing with the IMF regarding a loan.

Remittances witness growth

Dhaka, January 23: Remittances from expatriates, one of the main sources of demand for dollars, have suffered. As a result, the pressure on the foreign exchange reserves is gradually decreasing. According to the data of Bangladesh Bank, after last December, the flow of remittances sent by expatriates has increased in the current month of January.

Bangladesh has shown the world: World Bank MD

Dhaka, January 21: World Bank Managing Director (Operations) Axel van Trotsenburg is coming to Dhaka on his first visit to Bangladesh on Saturday.

Country's economy turning around

Dhaka, January 18: The country's economy is turning around. The economy is gaining momentum again as export earnings and remittances are increasing along with import expenditure coming under control. As a result, the pressure on foreign exchange reserves is gradually easing.

IMF likely to approve $4.5 billion loan to Bangladesh On Jan 30

Dhaka, January 17: International Monetary Fund (IMF) Visiting Deputy Managing Director Antoinette Monsio Sayeh said that the IMF Board will consider a $4.5 billion loan to Bangladesh on January 30.

Bangladesh Bank lifts interest rate limit on deposits

Dhaka, January 16: Finally, Bangladesh Bank has removed the fixed interest rate on bank deposits. From now on, banks and financial institutions will be able to set their own interest rates on deposits. This announcement was made in the monetary policy announced for the last six months of the current financial year 2022-23 on Sunday.

Balla land port of Chunarughat will open the door of new possibilities in import and export

Dhaka, January 14: Balla land port of Chunarughat upazila of Habiganj district will open the door of new possibilities in import and export. Modernization of land ports is progressing at a fast pace. Although the work is scheduled to be completed on June 30, 2023, the authorities have expressed hope that the work will be completed by May. Already, after the completion of the boundary work, the infrastructure development work has also been completed 75 percent.

Bangladesh will surpass Saudi-Japan-US in achieving GDP: World Bank

Dhaka, January 14: In the current fiscal year 2022-23, GDP growth in Bangladesh will be 5.2 percent. In 2023-24 fiscal year, the growth will be 6.2 percent. The World Bank has given this information about the economic growth in Bangladesh in the report titled 'Global Economic Prospects January 2023'.

This is the right time for a fair and just-acceptable economic system: PM

Dhaka, January 13: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said now is the right time to work collectively for a fair and acceptable economic system taking into account the current global economy.

Finance Minister hopes reserves will return to strong position soon

Dhaka, January 13: Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal has expressed hope that the inflationary pressure will come down to a bearable level by the end of the current financial year as the prices of fuel oil and LNG are falling in the international market.

Global brands treated Bangladeshi garment sector in 'unfair' way : UK study

Dhaka, January 11: The world's biggest global brands paid Bangladeshi factories less than the cost of production to make their garments. Despite the increase in production costs due to various reasons, many companies have given garment factories pre-pandemic prices. In a recent study, this information was revealed by the British media BBC.