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Bloomberg praises Sheikh Hasina's timely reforms for economic stability

Prime Minister Hasina emphasizes the importance of Bangladesh-Vietnam economic co-operation

No one in the country goes a day without eating: Obaidul Quader

False reporting: Journalist Shamsuzzaman jailed

Actress Mahiya Mahi welcomes baby boy

Prime Minister offers land to Saudi in economic zone

Dhaka, March 11: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has offered land in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) for Saudi Arabia and sought more investment from the oil-rich country in Bangladesh. She said, "We want more Saudi investment in Bangladesh."

Dutch-Bangla Bank robbed of 11 crore taka, Tk 9 crore recovered so far

Dhaka, March 10: At around 7:30 a.m. on Thursday, a Dutch-Bangla Bank cash vehicle was robbed at Uttara in the capital. At this time, 11 crore 20 lakh taka was taken away. After eight hours of this incident, Dhaka Metropolitan Detective (DB) police recovered about nine crore taka.

Proposal to impose 0.5% tax at source on garment exports

Dhaka, March 8: BGMEA and BKMEA, two associations of the garment sector, have proposed to reduce the applicable withholding tax rate from 1 percent to 0.5 percent against exports of ready-made garments for the next five years.

Sheikh Hasina calls for Bangladesh-Qatar Business Forum's formation

Doha, March 7: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has called for the formation of a committee between the governments of Bangladesh and Qatar on trade and investment.

Bangladesh: Imports increased through Hili land port

Dhaka, March 5, 2023 : The importers of Dinajpur's Hili land port have started importing more consumer goods ahead of the upcoming month of Ramadan.

Export revenue increased by 7.81%

Dhaka, March 3: Bangladesh has been witnessing a positive flow in the export revenue for the last four consecutive months, even amid the global recession. The export revenue in February of this year has increased by 33 crore 56 lakh 50 thousand US dollars, which is a 7.81 percent rise.

Remittance worth Tk 17,000 crore received in February

Dhaka, March 2: Bangladesh Bank has taken various initiatives to increase remittances through banking channels. Incentive on remittances increased from two percent to two and a half percent. However, remittances (expatriate income) are not coming to the country as expected.

Bangladesh-Argentina sign MoU to enhance bilateral trade, investment

Dhaka: Bangladesh and Argentina have signed a  memorandum of understanding (MoU) with an aim to enhance bilateral trade and investment between the two nations.

Electricity price hiked by 5 percent at consumer level

Dhaka, February 28: In the executive order, the price of electricity at the consumer level has increased by 5 percent. In 2023, the price of electricity has been increased for the third time.

Bangladesh: Gold price reduced

Bangladesh Jewellers Samity (Bajus) on Sunday slashed the price of gold for the second time in the past three weeks.

71% of Japanese companies want to expand business in Bangladesh

Dhaka, February 18: About 71.6 percent of Japanese companies doing business in Bangladesh want to expand their business.

Bangladesh recording daily remittances in excess of Tk 688 crore

Dhaka, February 14: Remittance flows have started to turn positive. In the first month of this year, Bangladeshi expatriates in different countries of the world sent remittances of 195.88 crore US dollars to the country. Which is more than 20 thousand 959 crores in Bangladeshi currency (as 107 taka per dollar). According to that, the average daily remittances are more than 6.31 crore dollars. In the previous month of December, remittances came in at 169 crore dollars.

PM calls for bigger Japanese investment in Bangladesh

Dhaka, February 10: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina appealed to Japanese investors for bigger investment in various sectors of Bangladesh.

5 metric tons of vegetables went to India through Akhaura port

Dhaka, February 9: After long efforts of businessmen, export of vegetables to India has finally started through Akhaura land port in Brahmanbaria. Five metric tons of vegetables were exported to India in the third phase on Wednesday. On this afternoon, a truck loaded with various vegetables entered Agartala through the land port. Port traders and port authorities consider vegetables as a potential export product.

How To Engage In Recession-Proof Marketing Strategies?

During the recession, consumers become super conscious of their spending habits and engage in more primary priorities, which essentially comprise basic needs. It often results in a drop in sales for many businesses. Consequently, it is common for the company to engage in different cost-cutting measures, and often the marketing budgets bear the brunt of it. However, cutting down the market by a considerable margin is a mistake. It is because marketing often brings the most revenue during a recession. Therefore, companies must engage in intelligent marketing rather than drifting their focus from marketing altogether.