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Underpass U-loop to be constructed on Dhaka-Chittagong highway

Power generation has increased to 13,793 MW under Sheikh Hasina's leadership

Containers from Chittagong port being moved to ICD to resolve congestion

Lockdown: Record 587 arrests, fine of Tk 14 lakh made in Dhaka on Sunday

Public Administration Minister calls for formation of Covid-19 Prevention Committee in each neighbourhood

Mongla Port breaks record with Tk 340 crore revenue in FY21

Dhaka, July 2: The Mongla port has created a new record by earning Tk 340 crore during the 2020-21 fiscal (FY21), a BSS report said.

2021-22 fiscal year budget passed; New financial year to start from tomorrow

Dhaka, June 30: The budget for the fiscal year 2021-22, estimated at Tk 6,03,681 crore- which is 17.5 percent of the total GDP- has been passed in the parliament.

UK finance watchdog bans crypto-currency exchange Binance

London, June 30: The UK's financial regulator has banned crypto-currency exchange Binance, media reports said on Monday.

Spice price goes up ahead of Eid-ul-Azha

Dhaka, June 29: Even with the Eid-ul-Azha being nearly a month away, prices of cooking spices have gone up in Bangladesh, according to reports.

Bangladesh: Garment factories to operate despite lockdowns

Dhaka, June 26, 2021: Industries, banks, financial institutions and the stock market will remain open from Monday to Wednesday under the current rules.

Customs stations to remain open during hard lockdown

Dhaka, June 26: A hard lockdown will be observed again for seven days from Monday (June 28) due to the deteriorating coronavirus situation. All government and private offices, shops and shopping malls will be closed except emergency services. All types of vehicles except emergency goods vehicles will be closed.

ECNEC approves 10 projects at a cost of Tk 4,166 crore

Dhaka, June 22: At the meeting of the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC), 10 projects have been approved at a cost of around Tk 4,166.61 crore. Of this, the government will provide Tk 4,125.82 crore and the company's own funding will be Tk 40.79 crore.

Swiss bank deposits from Bangladeshis drop

Dhaka, June 19: In 2020, Bangladeshis smuggled 56 crore 29 lakh francs in Swiss bank from Bangladesh, which is moe than 5,179 crore takas in Bangladeshi currency (1 Swiss Franc is 91.83 BDT). In 2019, the amount of this money was Tk 5,668 crore. In other words, the amount of money from Bangladesh held by Swiss banks has decreased this year as compared to last year. The money laundered is equal to the paid-up capital of at least 10 private banks in Bangladesh.

Chicken, potatoes become costlier due to heavy rains

Dhaka, June 18: The price of broiler chicken has gone up in the capital's markets after being sold at a slightly lower price for nearly a month. The price of broiler chicken has gone up by Tk 20 per kg in a week. However, the prices of Pakistani cock or golden chicken and red layer chicken remained unchanged.

Chilli farmers facing loss despite good yield

Dhaka, June 18: Due to the favorable weather, farmers in Nilphamari had a very good yield of chillies this time. On this occasion, the foragers are buying raw chillies from the farmers at five takas per kg and selling them at 10-12 takas to the storekeepers of the big markets. Retailers are selling from him 20-25 takas per kg. As a result, the chilli farmers have suffered extreme losses even though the wholesalers have benefited. In anger, farmers have vowed to never farm chillies again.

Bangladesh is India's fifth largest export market

Dhaka, June 17: In the first three months of this year, Bangladesh has risen to the fourth position in the list of India's top export markets. And in the fiscal year 2020-21, Bangladesh ranks fifth in the world as an export destination for Indians.

Bangladesh in top three in implementation of SDGs

Dhaka, June 15: Three countries, including Bangladesh, have made the best progress in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). After receiving the 2030 Global Agenda in 2015, Bangladesh has achieved this progress in SDGS Index Score. The other two countries on the list are Afghanistan and Ivory Coast. This information has come up in the SDG report of 2021.

LNG cargo stuck in the sea, fear of gas crisis

Dhaka, June 14: LNG (liquefied natural gas) re-gasification reserves fell by almost half on Sunday (June 13th) as LNG-carrying cargo was stranded in the Bay of Bengal for several days due to hostile weather. If this situation continues, there could be a severe gas crisis in the country.

Bangladesh's GDP growth could be 5.1%, says World Bank

Dhaka, June 9: The World Bank has hinted that Bangladesh's gross domestic product (GDP) growth will reach a maximum of 5.1 percent in the coming fiscal year. This was predicted in the June issue of the top biennial report on the global economic situation of the leading financial institutions in the global financial sector.

Inflation has come down: Planning Minister

Dhaka, June 8: Overall inflation declined in May compared to April this year, Planning Minister MA Mannan said at a press conference after the ECNEC meeting on Tuesday (June 8). "Inflation is down 0.30 percent in May compared to April," he said.