Bangladesh exporting bicycles to eight European countries Bicycle Manufacture-Export
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Bangladesh exporting bicycles to eight European countries

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 07 May 2022, 08:49 pm

Dhaka, May 7: Bicycles made in Bangladesh are now appreciated all over the world. Bicycles costing from Tk 5,000 to Tk 200,000 are also being made in the country. The Meghna Group bought the government bicycle manufacturing company in Tejgaon in the capital in 1996. After three years, the company started exporting this industrial product in 1999.

In recent years, Bangladesh has been the largest exporter of bicycles to eight European countries. The countries are Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, Italy and Bulgaria.

Apart from Europe, domestic bicycles are currently being exported to Congo, Gabon and Ivory Coast in South Africa through Red, Ferral and Inigo brands. In the fiscal year 2020-21, Tk 1,121 crore came from bicycle exports.

According to the statistics of the Research and National Investment Board of Bangladesh University of Engineering, about 40,000 small and medium enterprises are operating in this sector, where about eight million people are directly dependent. Four hundred registered entrepreneurs of Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation have set up light engineering and related industrial based factories across the country. The government has also declared light industry as an important sector.

These industries are producing iron casting, bicycles, electronics products, engineering equipment, conductive wires, rustless steel products. By meeting the domestic demand, the export income from this sector has increased to 51 crore US dollars.

Bangladesh Council of Science and Industry Research (BCSIR) Chief Scientific Officer. Abdul Gafur said that bicycles have come a long way as an export product. The product is now being exported abroad to meet the demand of the country. Besides, iron castings, electronics products, engineering equipment, conductive wires, rust-free steel products are also going abroad. Many people are involved in these sectors. Initiatives are being taken on how they can further develop and make them more efficient. Light engineering is now a promising sector. We are trying to make further improvements in this sector. More support will be given to those concerned. That is why the project is being taken.