Bangladesh's capital market best in Asia Capital Market
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Bangladesh's capital market best in Asia

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 13 Oct 2020, 01:38 pm

Dhaka, October 13: In July-September quarter, the Bangladeshi capital market has performed the best in Asia, followed by Pakistan, according to a report by Asia Frontier Capital Limited.

In August, the capital market of Bangladesh had the best performance in the world. Vietnam was in second place at that time.

This time, Pakistan's stock market, which is next to Bangladesh, has risen by 19.40 percent in July-September.

The Sri Lankan stock market is in the third place with a rise of 17 percent.

The report of Asia Frontier Capital Limited says that the rise of Bangladesh's stock market is due to domestic investors.

Despite the high net sales volume of foreigners, this has emerged with the investment of domestic investors.

According to the report, Asian stock markets rose in July-September this year.

Of these, Bangladesh's stock market has risen the most at 24.40 percent. Attractive prices, low interest rates, the launch of the post-Corona economy and export growth and remittances have played a key role in this rise.

Earlier, in August, the stock market in Bangladesh rose 15.80 percent. Through this, the capital market of Bangladesh still occupied the top position in the world.

Meanwhile, Vietnam has topped the list of Asian countries in terms of transactions. Bangladesh is in the third place.

In the last 12 months, the average daily turnover in the Vietnamese stock market was 190 million US dollars.

Pakistan's stock market, which ranks second, has averaged 66 million a day in the last 12 months. And the average daily turnover in the stock market of Bangladesh is 50 million dollars.