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Prices of nine daily commodities to be fixed in a week

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 16 Sep 2022, 07:50 pm

Dhaka, September 16: The government will determine the prices of nine essential products in the country's market. The new price will be determined in the next seven days in accordance with the world market. Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi told reporters at the National Press Club on Friday (September 16) morning.

He said that the government will list the prices of nine essential products in line with the world market. Fifteen days have passed for product pricing. The new price list will be published in the next seven days.

When the attention was drawn to the instability of the egg market, the minister said that the ministry will determine the price of eggs rationally by taking into consideration the cost of chicken feed, transportation and other costs.

Apart from this, the prices of several other products including food products, oil and steel will be fixed, said Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi.

Earlier on August 30, the Ministry of Commerce decided to fix the prices of nine commodities - rice, flour, flour, soya bean oil, palm oil, sugar, lentils, MS rod and cement. For this the Bangladesh Trade and Tariff Commission (BTTC) is asked to fix the price.

Meanwhile, before this speech of the Minister of Commerce, the prices of several products have increased again in the country's market. This includes rice, eggs, vegetables and other products. The price of eggs, which left buyers reeling last month, has risen again. Eggs are being sold in the retail market on Friday, increasing from Tk 130 to Tk 150 per dozen.

Besides, the price of coarse and fine rice has increased by Tk 2-3 per kg. During the week, Swarna rose by Tk 2 per kg to Tk 50-52 and BR-28 rice was selling at Tk 60-62.