Surplus mangoes, no buyers in Baneshwar Mango
Collected No buyers for mangoes in the market at Baneshwar

Surplus mangoes, no buyers in Baneshwar

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 04 Jun 2021, 11:26 am

Dhaka, June 4: The largest mango market in Rajshahi is Baneshwar where hundreds of crores of takas worth of mangoes are traded every day. However, mango farmers have been left frustated recently with the lack of buyers in the market.

Farmers started coming to Baneshwar market with mangoes from different parts of Rajshahi from 8 am. Earlier, he planted mangoes in the garden from dawn and filled the crates. Later, Chhoten rented a van at Baneshwar, the largest mango market in Rajshahi.

A farmer named Abul Kalam has come from Harian of Paba upazila to sell mangoes at the mango market at Baneshwar College ground. "I brought 55 crates of mangoes. I arrived around one o'clock in the afternoon. There were no traders. So far not a single person has asked how much the mangoes cost. The market is full of mangoes. Many people like me have been sitting like this for hours."

Md. Shahjahan Ali, who was waiting for the mango, agreed with his (Abul Kalam) words and made various more allegations. He said, "There are no buyers in the market. Traders are taking advantage of this opportunity at 48-52 kg. The price of fertilizers and pesticides is very high. Again, it costs Rs. The local traders leave the money after taking the mango, they don't want to pay. "

He said, "I am not getting the money that I am spending on mango cultivation. This time the price of mango is very low. It is a situation where the buyers have to come and show the mangoes.

Asked about the mango market this time, Puthia Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) Nurul Hai Mohammad Anas said the supply of mangoes is much higher this time than last time. But there is no buyer compared to that. Corona has created many mango farmers and entrepreneurs. Although it is good in one way, it has become a problem for the farmers. Because, this time many traders are buying mangoes by ordering online.

On the other hand, with the improvement of communication system and introduction of Mango Special Train, many people are ordering online and collecting by courier or train.