The family spends 12053 rupees on food per month, more is spent on buying rice Bangladesh

The family spends 12053 rupees on food per month, more is spent on buying rice

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 24 Mar 2024, 03:09 pm

Dhaka, March 24, 2024: At the national level, the average monthly household expenditure is Tk 12,530.

The average monthly expenditure in rural, urban and city corporation areas was found to be lower.

11 thousand 718 taka in village, 11 thousand 890 taka in city and 14 thousand 125 taka per family in city corporation area. The most expensive is to buy rice. The recently published Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) report entitled 'Food Security Statistics 2023' shows such a picture.

Two activities have been conducted under Food Security Statistics Project 2022. One is- Conducting Food Security Monitoring and Food Insecurity Experience Scale Survey 2023.

Another is to prepare Food Balance Sheet and Supply Utilization Account from 2016 to 2021.

For the first time, BBS has conducted food security monitoring and FIES survey in selected common canteens of the country from 15 to 25 June 2023. Survey data is collected by skilled data collectors of BBS.

The CAPI application was prepared through the computer wing of BBS and the survey was regularly monitored and supervised at various stages. As a result the indices estimated from it give reliable and acceptable estimates. According to BBS, the average monthly expenditure for buying rice in rural areas is 2 thousand 822 taka and for buying fish 1 thousand 637 taka. The cost of buying rice in city corporation area is 2 thousand 221 taka and in urban area 2 thousand 540 taka. The maximum 22.36 percent of the monthly food expenditure is spent on buying rice. Fish products are in the second place with 14.05 percent and fruits are in the third place with 7.40 percent.