Bangabandhu did not want to be a rebel leader, captured by the Pak forces Bangabandhu
File photo Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Bangabandhu did not want to be a rebel leader, captured by the Pak forces

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 23 Mar 2023, 10:52 pm

Dhaka, March 23: Mominul Haque Khoka was the constant companion of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman from the 50s. He was Bangabandhu's driver, personal assistant and cousin. Mominul Haque not only drove the car, he also owned the car. Being in Bangabandhu's company for more than three decades, he was a silent witness to many incidents in the past. In the late 1970s, he wrote a memoir entitled 'Astaragae Smriti Samujjwal: Bangabandhu, Tar Poribar O Ami'. Before this, on March 7, based on his book, an article about the events of March 7, 1971 was published. Today there is a description of various events from 7th to 24th March precisely in the words of the author:

After March 7, the total non-cooperation with the central government started on the orders of Bangabandhu, as a result of which schools, colleges, universities, government, semi-government offices, industrial institutions were closed all over the country. In fact, the non-cooperation movement that was started under the leadership of Bangabandhu on that day has no comparison in the history of the world.

During the non-cooperation movement, there were numerous mass marches. Each procession proceeds throughout the day with a solemn oath of struggle against injustice, their target being the central Shaheed Minar and thence to Road No. 32 Dhanmondi.

Students, officials of various organizations and retired members of the armed forces were among those who joined the procession. In these marches, which are glorious with the unparalleled splendor of the fighting spirit, every member is inspired by the declaration of the monotonous leader, 'A nation that knows how to give blood, no force can hold them back. This struggle will continue until the liberation of seven crore people is achieved.

In order not to cause unnecessary disruption in the government administration system or the activities of essential service institutions across the country, various instructions are issued from Road No. 32. Virtually the whole of East Pakistan was governed under Bangabandhu's orders and continued smoothly.

The BBC evening news highlighted the news that Sheikh Mujibur Rahman had taken over the rule of East Pakistan. In fact, from March 1 to March 25, under the leadership of Awami League and with the advice of renowned intellectuals of the country, the way the administration was being run throughout East Pakistan was an example of an ideal civil society. After all this time, I think that if the country had continued in the same way even after independence, the face of Bangladesh would have been different today.

During the non-cooperation movement led by Bangabandhu, President Yahya Khan along with his military-civilian advisors arrived in Dhaka. However, even before the arrival of Yahya Khan, military personnel in civilian clothes had begun to be secretly sent to Dacca. Yahya-Mujib talks started within two days. I heard that Yahya Khan addressed Bangabandhu as 'Uncrowned Emperor'.

Bangabandhu was accompanied by Dr. Kamal Hossain and the first rank leaders of Awami League. I used to carry Bangabandhu in my car with a black flag. The little words that I heard from Bangabandhu's mouth were nothing to be hopeful about, but there was nothing to be completely disappointed about either. Like me, the entire country looked forward to this discussion.

People's Party chief Zulfikar Ali Bhutto came to the end of the discussion. Today it seems that if any one person can be blamed for the destruction of Pakistan, it is Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. This man has been saying things since the election, which can only be explained, that East Pakistan should be separated from Pakistan anyway.

The longer the talks dragged on, the more it became clear to the public that the talks were fraudulent and farcical on Yahya Khan's part. Besides, there were reports that thousands of soldiers and heavy weapons are being brought from West Pakistan by plane and ship to take strict action against the leaders of Awami League and the students. It is also heard that a lot of weapons and soldiers have been brought by military ship 'Swat'. Common people naturally feel alarmed by all these news.

Meanwhile, there was no news of the cantonment, which Bangabandhu did not know. Bengali army officers would immediately convey all the news to Bangabandhu. He even knew the news of crack down on December 25 in advance. Because of this, all the Awami League leaders and darshan aspirants were removed from their homes on March 25 at 12 pm with the necessary advice. But the Pak Army himself also caught up. Despite everyone's pleas, he stayed with his family at the Dhanmondi residence. He added that he did not want to be a rebel leader. Because majority of people of Pakistan elected him as their leader. Second: If he is not caught, the Pakistan Army will conduct a nationwide search for him. (To be continued).