Remains of those killed in the massacre by Pakistani forces buried with state honours 1971 Genocide
Photo: Collected Preparations were underway to bury the remains of those killed in the genocide with state honours

Remains of those killed in the massacre by Pakistani forces buried with state honours

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 12 Apr 2022, 05:27 pm

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, April 12: Remains of the victims of the infernal massacre of the Pakistani aggressors during the Great Liberation War of 1971 were laid to rest at the Mirpur Martyred Intellectuals Cemetery on Monday at the initiative of the Army.

Army Chief Major General SM Safiuddin Ahmed was present there at the time.

During the great war of liberation of 1971, the Pakistani aggressors carried out barbaric and innumerable massacres in Bangladesh. Mirpur Muslim Bazar slaughterhouse was one of these slaughterhouses. Evidence of the horrors of the Pakistani army and its allied razakars was found in July, 1999.

During the renovation work of the Nuri Mosque in Mirpur Section-12 on July 27, 1999, a well was dug and the relics of the 1971 massacre came out. With the skulls and bones came out the various utensils of the martyrs including human hair braids, veils, pieces of cloth.

To ascertain whether the recovered bones and skulls were evidence of the genocide of 1971, the War Crimes Facts Finding Committee examined the evidence of martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the Great War of Liberation and carried out scientific research on tissue samples of blood relatives of martyrs.

Some of the remains were later donated to the Liberation War Museum and some to the Army Museum for preservation. The burial of the remaining remains was carried out in a dignified manner under the supervision of the Army.

At that time, senior officers of the army, army personnel of other ranks of the army and local dignitaries were present.