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Omicron: England records 22 cases so far

Low pressure in Bay of Bengal likely to intensify: BMD

Amin Bazar murders: 13 receive death sentence, 19 given lifer

Bomb scare forces Malaysian Airlines flight to make emergency landing at Dhaka airport

Higher Secondary and equivalent exams from today

India resumes coronavirus vaccine supply to Bangladesh

New Delhi, November 27: After vaccinating more than 100 million people in the country, India has resumed its supply of the Covid-19 vaccine to Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal and Iran, after a gap of eight months.

Over 1,000 minority women become victims of forceful conversion every year in Pakistan: Reports

Islamabad, November 26: An average of 1,000 Christian and Hindu women are forced to convert their religion to Islam by marrying Muslim men every year in Pakistan, according to a recent report.

Economic crisis may provoke extremism in Afghanistan: UN

Kabul, November 25: Afghanistan, which has had a cut off in foreign aid since the Taliban seized power in the country in August, is now facing a humanitarian crisis.

Taliban bans shows with women actors, issues new religious guidelines

Kabul, November 22: In a fresh jolt to women's rights in Afghanistan, the ruling Taliban government has asked the country's networks to stop airing shows with female actors in it.

India's Modi says govt to repeal three farm laws during address to nation

New Delhi, November 19: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday addressed the nation where he announced that his government has decided to repeal three farm laws which had triggered protests by farmers for the past several months.

Facebook says hackers in Pakistan targeted Afghan users during former govt collapse

Islamabad/Kabul, November 19: Social media giant Facebook said hackers from Pakistan used the platform to  target people in Afghanistan with connections to the previous government during the Taliban's takeover of the country.

Pakistan's extreme economic woes are giving Imran Khan sleepless nights

Dhaka, November 17: Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan has been hit hard by the economic downturn and fears of possible inflation. Experts fear that the price of sugar, which is just a sample of the overall rise in petrol prices, could soon lead to the world's fourth-largest inflation.

Afghanistan: Taliban govt to form military court

Kabul, November 12: The Afghanistan government, which is now ruled by Taliban, has said they would form a military court within the structure of the current government.

Afghanistan soil should not be used to finance terrorist acts, say leaders participating in Delhi Declaration

New Delhi, November 11: Top leaders participating in the Third Regional Security Dialogue on Afghanistan in New Delhi on Wednesday said the country, which is now ruled by Taliban forces, should not be used for sheltering, training, planning or financing any terrorist acts.

Afghan women take to the streets to protest against the Taliban

Kabul, November 10: At a time when almost the entire world is silent on the Taliban's occupation of Afghanistan and its seizure of power, some women's rights activists in the country have recently staged public protests, risking their lives and dignity. During a rally in the Afghan capital, Kabul, banners read, "Why is the world silently watching us die?"

Pakistan's Lahore, Karachi rank among world's top four most polluted cities

Islamabad, November 9: Two Pakistani cities, Lahore and Karachi, have been included in the list of top four cities in the world where air pollution level is very high.

Taliban blocking female aid workers in Afghanistan: HRW

Kabul, November 6: Taliban rules prohibiting most women from operating as aid workers are worsening the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Countrywide restrictions mean that aid will reach fewer families in need, particularly women-headed households, says Human Rights Watch.

Afghanistan: Twin blasts, gunfire reported near Kabul military hospital

Kabul, November 3: Two powerful explosions have been reported near a military hospital in the Afghan capital of Kabul while the sound of gunfire has been heard across the area, according to local media and Taliban spokespersons.

Pakistan: Bomb blast in Panjgur town leaves 2 people dead, 3 hurt

Islamabad, November 1: A bomb blast in Pakistan's Panjgur town left two people dead and three security personnel injured, media reports said.

Afghanistan: Taliban officials send diplomatic envoys to Pakistan

Kabul, October 30: The Afghanistan government sent four diplomatic envoys to run the Islamabad-based embassy and three consulates in Peshawar, Karachi, and Quetta, media reports said.