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India-Bangladesh relations are deeper than any other strategic partner: Indian Foreign Secretary

Bangladesh to allow entry without Covid-19 vaccination

Rooppur Power plant: Ishwardi residents learning Russian to boost sales

Ban of Hilsa fishing to be lifted from midnight

Several BNP leaders contesting UP elections with party symbol

Taliban recruits Chinese cyber spies to help snoop on Afghanistan civilians

Kabul, September 16: The Taliban insurgents have recruited Chinese cyber spies to help them snoop on Afghan civilians, media reports said.

Afghanistan: Taliban insurgents assault woman, abduct five members of her family in Kabul

Kabul, September 15: Taliban insurgents on Saturday assaulted a woman and  abducted five of her family members in Kabul city, media reports said.

Afghan embassy in Rome marks 20th death anniversary of guerrilla commander Massoud with symposium

Rome: A  high-level symposium was recently hosted in Rome to mark the 20th death anniversary of Afghanistan’s guerrilla commander Ahmed Shah Massoud. The event was hosted on Friday by the Embassy of Afghanistan.

Women seek right to return to govt jobs in Afghanistan

Kabul, September 11: Despite their willingness to work, women in Afghanistan say they have been stopped by the Taliban from returning to government jobs.

Pakistan's hand in Taliban funding, says geo-political expert

Kabul, September 9: A geo-political expert has hinted at Pakistan's probable hand in funding Taliban as he mentioned that the insurgent group's financial network is far more complex than was earlier expected.

Afghanistan's internal matters its own, says Taliban

Kabul, September 8: Amid rising people's protests against Pakistan and chants of freedom, a Taliban leader has said no country will be allowed to interfere in the internal affairs of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan: As Panjshir falls to Taliban, Iran slams Pakistan

Kabul, September 7: The Iranian government on Monday gave a strong message to Pakistan over the fall of Afghanistan's Panjshir by condemning Taliban’s military offensive against holdout fighters in the Valley backed by Pakistan's air power.

Afghanistan Resistance forces leader says ISI chief visiting Kabul to back Taliban's war in Panjshir with weapons

Kabul: As fighting continues to rage in Panjshir, the Resistance forces said Pakistan’s spy agency ISI's chief Lt Gen Faiz Hameed was in Kabul primarily to oversee the Taliban’s war against the holdout Afghanistan province and support the Taliban with drone-fired rockets and drone eyes in the sky.

Afghanistan: Taliban, opponents fight in Panjshir Valley

Kabul, September 3: The Panjshir Valley, the region which is still under the control of the anti-Taliban forces, witnessed a bitter battle between the terrorist organisation and its opponents since Thursday night, media reports said.

Qatar Foreign Min claims 'working with Taliban' to reopen Kabul airport 'as soon as possible': Reports

Kabul, September 2: Qatar, one of the very few lifelines of Taliban to the outside world, has been working with the Taliban to reopen Hamid Karzai International Airport (HKIA) in the Afghan capital of Kabul and resumed flight operations there 'as soon as possible', AFP reported on Thursday quoting Qatar Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani.

Taliban ends co-education in Afghanistan

Kabul, August 31: Taliban has issued a diktat by which boys and girls cannot study in the same classroom in Afghanistan anymore.

Afghanistan: Blast heard in Kabul city

Kabul: An explosion was heard in Afghanistan capital Kabul on Sunday, UNI reported.

Afghanistan: Taliban government won't get recognition from USA

Kabul, August 28: White House press secretary Jen Psaki has said the US and its partners are in no hurry to recognize the Taliban government in Afghanistan.

Taliban orders working women in Afghanistan to stay at home

Kabul, August 26: Issuing a diktat that is reflective of the real intention of the Taliban, the spokesperson of the group has directed working women to stay at home until proper systems are in place to ensure their safety.

Afghanistan: Taliban won't extend evacuation deadline, says spokesperson

Kabul, August 23: The Taliban will not extend and allow the current evacuation from Afghanistan by foreign forces beyond August 31.