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14 parties congratulate PM on getting climate award

1,985 nominations shortlisted, 731 rejected after scrutiny

Political leaders missing from the field after calling for a blockade: DB chief

Prime Minister Hasina calls for the conservation of rivers to save the country

BNP's Nipun Roy granted anticipatory bail in 8 cases of destruction and vandalism

চেন্নাই, বাঙ্গালোরে সন্ত্রাস- হানার ছক কলম্বোর পাক কনস্যুলেট থেকে

নতুন দিল্লি, জুন ১৩- চেন্নাই বন্দর এবং সেন্ট্রাল রেলওয়ে স্টেশন ছাড়াও চেন্নাই ও বাঙ্গালোর বিমান বন্দরের উপর আক্রমণ চালানোর ছক করছে পাকিস্তানের আই এস আই-এর সমর্থনপুষ্ট সন্ত্রাসবাদীরা। গত এপ্রিল মাসে চেন্নাইয়ে ধরা পড়া আই এস আই এজেন্ট মহম্মদ সাকির হুসেনকে জেরা করে এই চাঞ্চল্যকর তথ্য পেয়েছে পুলিশ।

Afghanistan: UN urges broad participation in run-off election

New York, Jun 13 : As the Afghan people head toward a historic run-off presidential election that will culminate the country’s first-ever democratic transfer of power, the top United Nations official there is encouraging them to actively participate in the polls, deliver the necessary change and help build a better future for their long-troubled nation.

Musharraf allowed to leave Pakistan

Karachi, June 12: A Karachi court on Thursday allowed former Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf to leave the country.

Afghanistan: UN condemns attack on de-miners in central region

New York, Jun 11 : The top United Nations official in Afghanistan on Tuesday condemned the killing of eight Afghan de-miners and the wounding of another three in an attack in what remains one of the most heavily mined countries in the world.

Pakistan: Ban condemns latest terrorist attacks

New York, Jun 10: Strongly condemning Sunday’s attacks in Pakistan – which reportedly left more than 50 people dead in the wake of separate assaults on the country’s main airport in Karachi, and on busloads of Shia pilgrims in Baluchistan – United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Monday urged the Government step up its efforts to tackle terrorism and religious extremism.

24 killed in Karachi airport firing

Karachi, June 9: At least 24 people, including 10 militants, were killed in an attack on Jinnah International Airport, Pakistan's largest international and domestic airport located in Karachi city, said reports on Monday.

UN condemns killing of pregnant Pakistani woman

New York, May 29 : The United Nations human rights chief on Wednesday strongly condemned the killing of a 25-year-old pregnant woman, who was stoned to death by her family as she approached a Pakistani court on Tuesday, and urged the Government to do much more to prevent such killings.

Polo ground reference case: Zardari acquitted

Islamabad, May 28: Former Pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari was acquitted by an accountability court here in connection with the polo ground reference case on Wednesday, media reports said.

Modi meets Sharif; talks tough on terrorism, 26th 11

New Delhi, May 27: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday met his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif at Hyderabad House here and reportedly talked tough on cross-border terror and the "slow" 26/11 trial in their nearly 50 minutes meeting.

Nawaz Sharif to attend Modi's swearing-in ceremony

Islamabad, May 24: Pakistan has confirmed that its Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will attend Narendra Modi's swearing-in ceremony as India's new Prime Minister on May 26 in New Delhi.

Afghanistan attack: Modi speaks to envoy

New Delhi, May 23: Prime Minister-elect Narendra Modi on Friday called India's Ambassador to Afghanistan Amar Sinha and condemned the attack on the Indian Consulate in Afghanistan's Herat city.

Pakistan air strikes kill 60 terrorists

Peshawar, May 21: At least 60 terrorists were killed as Pakistan Air Force warplanes bombarded terrorist’s hideouts in North Waziristan Agency on Wednesday.

Afghanistan: UN welcomes preliminary results of provincial polls

New York, May 21: The top United Nations official in Afghanistan on Tuesday welcomed the release of preliminary results in the country’s provincial council election and lauded the “real community engagement” seen in the polls.

Modi elected as Leader of Parliamentary party

New Delhi, May 20: Prime Minister-designate Narendra Modi was on Tuesday elected as the Leader of the Parliamentary party.

Nawaz Sharif invites Modi to Pakistan

Islamabad, May 19: Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has invited India's Prime Minister-elect Narendra Modi to visit the country.