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Police not able to find Mamunul

Coronavirus kills 94 people in a day, death toll crosses 10,000

780 beds at ICU level for critically ill patients

Second wave of corona has increased the rate of infections and deaths among minors

Former Law Minister Abdul Matin Khasru laid to rest

BNP observes special day

Dhaka, March 8, 2021: Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader has said that BNP is celebrating the golden jubilee of independence with the help of political tactics.

Afghanistan: Unknown gunmen leave policewoman wounded

কাবুল: আফগানিস্তানের দক্ষিণাঞ্চলীয় হেলমান্দ প্রদেশে রবিবার অজ্ঞাতপরিচয় বন্দুকধারীরা এক পুলিশ মহিলাকে গুলি করে আহত করেছে বলে গণমাধ্যমের খবরে প্রকাশিত হয়েছে রবিবার।

India is happy with Bangladesh's transition from least developed country to developing country

Dhaka, March 6: India is very happy that Bangladesh has been recommended by the United Nations to transition from Least Developed Countries (LDCs) to a developing country. However, despite the economic development, they will continue to cooperate with Bangladesh.

Criminal activities leading to border killings: S Jaishankar

Dhaka, March 5: India's External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said that border killings are taking place due to increase in crimal activities, while stating that any death is unfortunate, during a press conference after a bilateral meeting with Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen at the state guest house Padma in Dhaka on Thursday (March 4). 

Indian Foreign Minister on a one-day visit to Dhaka

Dhaka, March 4: Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar has arrived in Dhaka for a one-day visit, on a special flight of the Indian Air Force around 10 am on Thursday (March 4). He was welcomed at the airport by Bangladesh Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen.

Afghanistan: Female doctor killed in Nangarhar IED blast

Kabul, March 4: Just a few days after three women media workers were killed by Islamic state militants, a female doctor was killed in an IED explosion in Afghanistan's Nangarhar province.

Indian EAM Jaishankar to visit Dhaka to finalize Narendra Modi's visit

Dhaka, March 3: Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar will arrive in Dhaka on Thursday (March 4) for a one-day visit to finalise Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit. He will hold talks with Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen on water, trade, borders, connectivity and other bilateral issues. It is learned that the two sides will discuss the necessary steps to further strengthen bilateral ties through Narendra Modi's visit.

India will celebrate golden jubilee of Bangladesh's independence: Vikram Kumar Doraiswami

Dhaka, March 1: Indian High Commissioner to Bangladesh Vikram Kumar Doraiswami has said that the country will also celebrate the golden jubilee of Bangladesh's independence. Doraiswami said that the two countries will celebrate the event together.

Meghalaya wants to be the new 'hotspot' on the Bangladesh-India border

Dhaka, March 1: Although there is a land border of more than 4,000 km between Bangladesh and India, it can be said that there is almost no commercial and economic activity in most of it. As much as there is, almost all of it is across the West Bengal and Bangladesh border and a little bit across the Assam and Tripura border, but Meghalaya, a small state in northeastern India, is now desperate to feed this 'deficit'. 

Pakistan: Unknown gunmen kill three people in Islamabad

Unknown gunmen shot dead three people, including an Imam-e-Masjid (prayer leader) and two teenagers, in  Islamabad city of Pakistan on Saturday, media reports said.

Indian Coast Guard rescue 81 Rohingyas stranded in sea, want to send back to Bangladesh

Dhaka, February 27: The Indian Coast Guard rescued a Rohingya boat from the Andaman Sea on Friday. Eighty-one people were alive in the boat and eight had already died. Indian officials said they were repairing the boat so that the rescued could be sent back to Bangladesh. 

Afghanistan: Car bomb attack kills six, injures four in Herat

Kabul, February 25: A car bomb attack killed at least six public uprising force members and injured four others in Afghanistan's Herat province on Wednesday night, local media reports said.

Afghanistan: Unknown gunmen kill surgeon

Kabul, February 24: Unknown gunmen have killed surgeon Dr. Khalil-ur-Rahman Narmgo in Afghanistan, media reports said on Wednesday.

Bangladesh India's top trading partner in South Asia: VK Doraiswami

Dhaka, February 23: Indian High Commissioner to Bangladesh Vikram Kumar Doraiswami has said that Bangladesh is now India’s largest trading partner in South Asia. "Bangladesh is a big partner for India in tourism. Relations with Bangladesh are important to us commercially. We need to invest more in this business to take our relationship with Bangladesh much further."

Gun attack kills two in Afghanistan's Herat

Kabul, February 22: At least two people were killed in an attack by unidentified gunmen in Afghanistan's Herat on Monday morning, According to local media reports.