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Afghanistan: Taliban militants kill comedian Nazar Mohammad, social media users condemn Taliban Attack
Screengrab from YouTube Comedian Nazar Mohammad

Afghanistan: Taliban militants kill comedian Nazar Mohammad, social media users condemn

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 28 Jul 2021, 07:00 pm

Kabul, July 28: Social media is abuzz over the death of Afghan comedian Nazar Mohammad, who was killed by suspected Taliban forces in the war-hit nation recently.

Afghanistan, a war-ravaged nation, is witnessing violence ever since foreign forces started to move out of the country.

The Taliban has captured several parts of the country in recent times.

With fighting raging on the outskirts of Kandahar, the second city, Nazar Mohammad, an entertainer, was dragged from his home and killed, The Times reported.

Photographs showed the comedian, who had previously served in the local police, backed up against a tree and then lying on the ground with his throat cut, reported The Times.

While, Taliban has rejected their involvement in the incident, the comedian's family has blamed the group for the killing of Nazar Mohammad.

A video has been circulating on social media where some militants could be seen slapping and harassing the comedian.

Meanwhile, Twitter users have been condemning the incident and paid tributes to the comedian.

Activist Subuhi Khan posted on Twitter: "Because they don't want Muslims to laugh,sing, dance or be happy. They need brain-dead muslims who can act as zombies to fight for Islamic State. Mind you..they don't spare you even in an Islamic State. This is power hungry unquenchable blood thirst.RIP brother #NazarMohammad."

Journalist Mustafa Bah said: "Rest In Peace #NazarMohammad."

Journalist Sharif Hassan remarked: "Taliban detained Nazar Mohammad, known as #KhashaZwan, a comedian who was also a member of local police, insulted & slapped him, then shot him dead & hung his body from a tree. Photo of his body behind a Toyota hatchback, surrounded by his children & wife, is just heartbreaking."

One Farzana Farzam tweeted: "To me, the pain is atrocious. When I watched a video of Nazar Mohammad an Afghan comedian being smacked by a Talib before he was shot for giving happiness to many people who had lost their happiness because of these terrorists."