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Islamabad carried out the genocide in 1971, says Pakistani diplomat 1971 Genocide
Collected Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen and Ambassador Mahabub Hasan Saleh in the webinar

Islamabad carried out the genocide in 1971, says Pakistani diplomat

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 30 Mar 2021, 08:51 pm

Dhaka, March 30: Speaking on the occasion of Independence Day on March 26, a former US diplomat said that Pakistan had carried out the worst genocide in Bangladesh in 1971. Now a former senior Pakistani diplomat has also confessed to the genocide.

Former Pakistani ambassador to the United States Hussein Haqqani has said there is no indication that the Pakistani government will apologize for the genocide. But the people of Pakistan should call on their government to apologize for all the atrocities that took place in Bangladesh in 1971.

Haqqani made the remarks at a webinar hosted by the Bangladesh Embassy in Brussels on Monday.

Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen, Ambassador Mahabub Hasan Saleh and others participated in the webinar.

A statement from the embassy said on Tuesday (March 30th) that Haqqani told the webinar that Bangabandhu was not only the most famous leader among the Bengalis, but also one of the leaders in South Asia and history who was a symbol of the freedom struggle.

Haqqani, who is currently working at the traditional Hudson Institute, said Bangabandhu was the same kind of leader as Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.

Haqqani said East Pakistan was the goose that laid golden eggs and most of the foreign exchange was earned from this eastern region. The feudal rulers of Pakistan never gave equal status to the Bengalis. They were not ready to hand over power to the Awami League, which won the 1970 elections.

He said Bangladesh is currently one of the fastest growing countries in the world and the most successful in South Asia. The contribution behind this Bangladesh is Bangabandhu and his worthy daughter, the present Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen said it was hoped that Pakistan would apologize for the genocide perpetrated by the military in 1971 during Bangladesh's Golden Jubilee celebrations. Although the Prime Minister of Pakistan sent a message at the last minute. But unfortunately he did not apologize for the genocide.

Ambassador Saleh said Ambassador Haqqani's remarks would further help the international community and researchers understand Bangabandhu's freedom struggle.