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Musharraf to return Pakistan, contest polls

Musharraf to return Pakistan, contest polls

| | 28 May 2013, 12:48 pm
Dubai, Mar 1: Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf on Friday announced an end to his self-imposed exile of five years and said he will return to his country and contest the upcoming elections.

 "I have decided that I will return to Pakistan within one week after the formation of the caretaker government, likely to be set up by March 16," Musharraf said at a news conference in Dubai.


Musharraf, who had last year indefinitely delayed his plan to return after the government warned that he would be arrested upon arrival, said he was returning because Pakistan\'s economy was in a bad state and addressing this was an urgent priority.


"People say that there are cases against me and there is danger. I am not afraid of dangers and I leave it to God," Musharraf said, who has lived in London and Dubai since stepping down in 2008 as the country\'s military ruler.


"My party, All Pakistan Muslim League, will participate in the coming elections and we will inshallah (God willing) put up candidates in almost all the constituencies of Pakistan," he said.