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Nobody can ignore India’s talent: Modi

Nobody can ignore India’s talent: Modi

| | 25 Sep 2014, 07:31 am
New Delhi, Sept 25: With a vision to transform India into global manufacturing hub, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday launched his ambitious “Make in India” campaign in presence of country’s top CEO’s and corporate honchos, by saying that nobody can now ignore India’s talent after the grand success of Mars’ mission.

 Target is to transform India’s economy from the services-driven growth model to manufacturing-driven growth. 

Keeping that in mind, Modi gave a clear message to the corporate sector not to treat India as just a market, but identify the potential of every citizen of India. 
In the audience are about 500 CEOs including leading industrialists like Mukesh Ambani of Reliance Industries, Cyrus Mistry, chairman of Tata Group, Azim Premji, chairman, Wipro, Kumar Mangalam Birla who heads the Aditya Birla Group and Chanda Kochhar of ICICI Bank. 
Modi reached out to them by saying, Government don’t want any industry from India to be forced to leave. 
“If you want to capture the global market, we are ready to stand by you as facilitators. There is no need to leave the nation. We want our companies to shine as multi-nationals.” 
Modi asserted the businessmen by saying that the present government will change the pessimistic situation. 
Modi said, “The most important thing required for business to flourish is trust. We want to trust all our countrymen. After hearing and seeing people here today, I don\'t think I have to provide an additional assurance.” Modi pitched his foreign investment policy by saying that it is a way to build India. 
PM said, “My definition of FDI for the people of India is First Develop India. I tell people abroad, India is an opportunity for FDI.”

Referring to the lion logo for “Make in India” campaign, PM called it as a lion’s step. 
“Yeh sher ka kadam hai, Lion ka step hai. Many may feel this is a small step but what can be bigger than trusting 125 crore Indians,” remarked Modi. 
“Make in India is not a slogan, not an invitation. It\'s a responsibility for all of us, he added.
The “Make in India” campaign is targeted to transform India’s economy from the services-driven growth model to manufacturing-driven growth which is quite labour intensive in nature. 
The unique move will create job opportunities for over 10 million people joining the workforce every year. 
The key sectors identified by the government are like automobiles, chemicals, IT, pharmaceuticals, textiles, ports, aviation, leather, tourism and hospitality, wellness, railways etc.

During the launch ceremony, PM said, India will take a front row seat among the top business hubs in the world in coming years. 
“The world is ready to come to Asia. India offers democracy, demographic dividend and demand. We have a \'Look East policy\' and at the same time we have to \'Link West\'. We want highways. We also want i-ways (information ways) for a Digital India.” 
Recalling the grand success of Mars Mission Modi said India is a pool of talent. 
“Nobody can question the talent of our people, especially after the success of yesterday\'s Mars mission.” 
He asserted that his Government is very much apolitical when the question of national growth will arise. 
“The government is dedicated to growth. There is no political agenda here, this is an article of faith.” 
“Not just good governance, effective governance is also required. No point in just having a government, people must feel there is a government. Who is the Government for? It is for every Indian..It is for the poorest of the poor, he added.”