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PM Modi writes to Pak PM, offers assistance in relief efforts in Pak-Occupied Kashmir

PM Modi writes to Pak PM, offers assistance in relief efforts in Pak-Occupied Kashmir

| | 07 Sep 2014, 01:18 pm
New Delhi, Sept 7: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has written to Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif offering assistance in the flood relief effort in Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir, officials said in a statement.

 "It is a matter of great distress that the retreating monsoon rains have played havoc in many parts of our two countries," the Prime Minister said in his letter, adding that "the devastation caused by the record rains and the consequent flooding is unprecedented."

"While reviewing the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, I was informed that the damage to life and property is equally, if not more, severe in areas across the Line of Control as well. My heart goes out to the affected people and my deepest sympathies are with them and their families. In this hour of need, I offer any assistance that you may need in the relief efforts that will be undertaken by the Government of Pakistan. Our resources are at your disposal wherever you need them," the Prime Minister wrote.  

On the same day, Pakistan also offered to help India fight the crisis.

A statement issued by the Pakistan Foreign Office said: "Responding to a question regarding floods in Indian Occupied Kashmir,the Spokesperson said that the Government and the people of Pakistan express deepest condolences over the loss of precious lives of our kashmiri brethren on both sides of the Line of Control caused by torrential rains and flash floods."

"Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif carried out an aerial survey of the affected area in AJK and Pakistan and is monitoring relief and rescue operations.We also feel the pain of the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir and are ready to help in  whatever way possible to mitigate the suffering of the people affected by the floods," it said.

The Narendra Modi government in New Delhi called off talks with Pakistan scheduled in Islamabad on Aug 25 between the two foreign secretaries after Pakistan envoy invited and met the separatist leaders of Kashmir in New Delhi.

The move had hit the relationship between the two Asian nations.