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Uttara accident: 50 ton crane was lifting 70 ton girder, 10 arrested

Number of travellers through Benapole decreases

Ambassadors of 10 countries tour the activities of Rohingyas

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, March 4: The ambassadors of 10 countries, who came to observe the situation of Rohingyas, have expressed satisfaction over the work-oriented activities of Rohingyas in the shelter project located at Hatiyar Bhasan Char in Noakhali's Dwip Upazila.

Another 1,287 Rohingyas reached Bhasanchar

Dhaka, February 1: In the tenth phase, 1,287 more Rohingyas have reached Hatiya's Bhasanchar, an isolated island upazila of Noakhali from Cox's Bazar. With this, the number of Rohingya citizens in Bhasanchar shelter center stood at 20,949. The Rohingyas reached Bhasanchar at around 1 pm on Monday with the naval ships 'Banauja Tuna' and 'Banauja Sandeep'.

Two naval ships reach Bhasanchar with UN aid

Dhaka, November 18: Two naval ships carrying aid materials from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) have reached Bhasanchar in Noakhali.

UN to help Rohingyas in Bhasanchar

Dhaka, October 7: The United Nations is signing an agreement with Bangladesh for humanitarian assistance to the Rohingyas relocated to Bhasanchar. The agreement will be signed next Saturday (October 9) at 12 noon in the meeting room of the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief at the Secretariat. On behalf of the Government of Bangladesh, Secretary of the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief Md. Mohsin and UNHCR Representative in Bangladesh Johannes van der Klaauw will sign the agreement.

19 Rohingyas fleeing from Bhasanchar detained in Sitakunda

Dhaka, September 9: Police have arrested 19 Rohingyas who fled Bhasanchar, from Sitakunda in Chittagong on a phone call from a person on National Emergency Service Number 999. They were arrested from Sagarpar in North Salimpur of Sitakunda Police Station around 11:30 am on Wednesday (September 8).

Rohingyas of Bhasanchar demand Tk 5,000 monthly allowance and standard ration

Dhaka, June 1: Rohingyas have staged a demonstration in Noakhali's Bhasanchar demanding various facilities. Their demands include quality rations and monthly allowance for five thousand takas. They staged a protest in front of a 14-member delegation, including two assistant high commissioners of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), around 11am on Monday (May 31).

PM concerned over Rohingya repatriation process

Dhaka, May 25: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has expressed concern over the uncertainty created in the Rohingya repatriation process due to the recent change in the internal situation in Myanmar. The Prime Minister expressed her concern during a courtesy call on visiting UN General Assembly (UNGA) President Volkan Bozkır at Ganobhaban on Tuesday (May 25) morning. Later, PM's Press Secretary Ihsanul Karim briefed reporters.

Bangladesh: A group of 10 heads of missions visited Rohingyas camp in Bhashanchar

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bangladesh organized a day-long trip on Saturday to Bhashanchar for a group of High Commissioners/Ambassadors based in Dhaka.

Another 3,000 Rohingyas to move to Bhashan Char

Dhaka, March 2: Thousands more Rohingya members are being voluntarily transferred from the refugee camps in Cox's Bazar to Bhasan Char in the fifth phase (Part I). At noon on Tuesday (March 2), Rohingya members left Ukhia Degree College grounds for Chittagong in 21 buses. Another team is scheduled to visit Bhasan Char today. They left the refugee camp on Monday (March 1) afternoon.

More Rohingyas reach Bhasan Char

Dhaka, February 18, 2021: Another 1,011 Rohingyas who have been displaced from Myanmar and taken refuge in Cox's Bazar have moved to Bhasanchar in Noakhali. So far 9,500 Rohingyas have gone to Bhasanchar.

Another 1,500 Rohingya refugees on their way to Bhasan Char

Dhaka, January 30: Another 1,500 Rohingyas have started their journey from the Cox's Bazar refugee camp to Bhasan Char via Chittagong. The group of 1,467 people started their journey from Patenga area of Chittagong in four ships at 9 am on Saturday.

Another 1776 Rohingya refugees relocated to Bhasan Char

Dhaka, January 29: Another 1776 Rohingya refugees reached Bhasan Char in the third phase from the Cox's Bazar camp. They reached Bhasan Char on Friday (January 29) at around 12 noon aboard five ships. Of these, 404 are males, 510 are females and 862 are children.

Bangladesh authorities start relocating Rohingyas to Bhasan Char island, refugees express happiness

Dhaka: Bangladesh authorities have started relocating thousands of Rohingya refugees to a remote island, a move which they expect will bring 'peace' to them.

Look who will stay in Bhasachor

নিজস্ব প্রতিনিধি, ঢাকা, ফেব্রুয়ারি ১৬ : রোহিঙ্গাদের নয়, নোয়াখালীর ভাসানচরে এখন দেশের গৃহহীনদের পাঠানোর কথা ভাবা হচ্ছে। শুক্রবার (১৪ ফেব্রুয়ারি) ভাসানচর ঘুরে এসে এ কথা জানান পররাষ্ট্রমন্ত্রী ড. এ কে আব্দুল মোমেন। প্রথমবারের মতো ভাসানচরের পাশাপাশি বঙ্গবন্ধু ইকোনমিক জোন, মাতারবাড়ি প্রকল্পও দেখে আসেন ড. মোমেন।