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Gas reserves decreasing, only 32% remaining

A-League writes to returning officer seeking permission for rally

EC show causes 60 candidates for violating code of conduct

Covid curbs extended till February 21

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, February 3:�The ongoing restrictions to curb the spread of Coronavirus have been extended till February 21.

Offices to run with half manpower from today till Feb 6

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, January 24: In the wake of rising infections of coronavirus, including cases of its new variant Omicron, Bangladesh government has issued new guidelines for public-private offices. From today (Monday, January 24), offices will run with half of their manpower till February 6.

Govt's new decision allows full seating in public transport

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, January 14: The government recently announced that public transport to be run with half of their seating capacity to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Backing away from that decision, the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) said as per the new directive public transport can be run with full seating capacity. But, everyone has to follow the hygiene and Covid protocol.

11-point restrictions to curb Omicron in force from today

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, January 13: Government's new restrictions to curb Covid-19's new variant Omicron have been in effect from today (Thursday, January 13). Everyone has to abide by the 11-point guidelines during the restriction.

Primary classes will continue during the restrictions

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, January 13: The class activities in the primary level educational institutes will continue in a limited range during the restrictions in adherence to hygiene and Covid protocols.

Restaurant owners express anger after Govt directs not to allow unvaccinated to eateries

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, January 5: Bangladesh Restaurant Owners Association has expressed frustration over the government's decision to stop eating in hotels and restaurants without vaccine certificate to prevent the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19).