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Husband confesses to killing actress Shimu

Service seekers need to be vigilant against harassment: PM at DC conference

Sheikh Hasina inaugurates DC Conference

Accused flees after throwing police vehicle in ditch

Coronavirus: About 20 percent of identified patients infected with Omicron

Two arrested for clubbing man to death in Chittagong

Dhaka, November 26: Police in Chittagong city have nabbed a father-son duo for allegedly beating a man to death with a cricket bat in Chandgaon area on Thursday.

Chittagong: Five-year-old murdered after rape, four arrested

Dhaka, June 28: Police have nabbed four people over the alleged rape and murder of a 5-year old girl in Chittagong, reports said.

Two arrested for sexually assaulting mentally challenged woman

Dhaka, June 23: Police have detained two people- a truck driver and his assistant- for allegedly sexually assaulting a mentally challenged woman in a moving truck, reports said.

Son gunned down by robbers in front of father

Dhaka, October 8: A group of armed robbers shot dead a student in front of his father at Himchhari Dhala on the Eidgaon-Eidgarh-Baishari road in Cox's Bazar on Saturday, police said. The incident happened on Thursday (October 8) morning while the victim was returning home after singing at a social event.

Lifer for policeman for abducting, raping minor in Dinajpur

Dhaka, October 8: A court in Dinajpur has sentenced a police constable to life imprisonment for abducting and raping a minor girl after promising to marry her.

Housewife hacked to pieces in Noakhali

Dhaka, October 8: Just days after the video of domestic abuse of a housewife surfaced, another housewife was hacked to pieces in Noakhali district of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh: Noakhali woman stripped naked, beaten

Police have arrested a person after video footage surfaced where a group of men could be seen stripping a woman and torturing her in Noakhali's Begumganj upazila of Bangladesh.

Father visits prison with sold girl

নিজস্ব প্রতিনিধি, ঢাকা, নভেম্বর ২২ : এক লাখ ৮০ হাজার টাকায় বিক্রি হয়ে যাওয়া সাত দিনের শিশু ফাতেমাকে মায়ের কোলে ফিরিয়ে দিয়েছে পুলিশ। মঙ্গলবার রাতে শিশুটিকে উদ্ধার করে মা জেসমিনের কাছে ফিরিয়ে দেয়া হয়।