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Bangladesh at risk of 9 magnitude earthquake

Dhaka, Sept 19: Bangladesh is one of the most natural disasters in the world. Natural calamities such as cyclones, floods, droughts etc. cause huge damage to our lives, resources and environment every year. Our geographical location is one of the reasons for these disasters. Earthquake has written a new name in this book. Although mild and moderate earthquakes have been felt in recent times, severe earthquakes have occurred in this region. Scientists are expressing fear that a magnitude 9 earthquake may hit Bangladesh in the near future. They asked to prepare for this now.

Bangladesh at risk of 8.6-magnitude earthquake

Dhaka, March 1: Highlighting the geographical location and geological analysis of Bangladesh, Dhaka University Vice-Chancellor (Education) Professor Dr. ASM Maqsud Kamal said that the country is at risk of an earthquake of magnitude 8.3 to 8.6.