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45 deaths within 24 hours, country records lowest cases in eight weeks

Site where Pakistani Pakistani aggressors surrender to be made into tourist spot

Owners and workers demand introduction of long distance public transport before Eid

25,000 vehicles cross the Bangabandhu Bridge in 24 hours

Govt. directive goes for a toss as two more ferries operate to contain homebound passengers

DNCC dedicated Covid-19 hospital sees 18 ICU patients on the first day

Dhaka, April 20: In Mohakhali of the capital, 18 people were admitted to the ICU on the first day of 'DNCC Dedicated Covid-19 Hospital'. One of them died. On Monday (April 19), 53 corona patients were admitted to the hospital from 8am to 8pm.

780 beds at ICU level for critically ill patients

Dhaka, April 15: The government has introduced 780 ICU beds across the country, including the capital, for the treatment of dying patients infected with coronavirus. 355 such beds have been introduced in different government hospitals and 425 in the private sector.

17 among 19 Covid dedicated hospital have no vacant ICU bed

Dhaka, April 10: Getting a bed in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of both public and private hospitals for the treatment of dying corona patients in the capital is becoming increasingly scarce. The demand for ICUs in various public and private hospitals has multiplied due to the recent alarming rise in the number of cases of the virus.

Shortages of general beds for coronavirus patients

Dhaka, April 8: In the capital, it is becoming increasingly difficult to treat patients with coronavirus, due to an alarming increase in their number. There is almost 'no place' for them in public and private hospitals. Although it has been difficult to get ICU beds for them, Covid patients are now experiencing a shortage of general beds.

90 out of 305 ICU beds vacant in Dhaka

Dhaka, November 28: The number of complex patients infected with coronavirus is increasing in the capital. They are being treated at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after being admitted to the hospital. The number of empty ICU beds in 19 corona dedicated hospitals in Dhaka is decreasing. Out of 305 ICU beds in Dhaka Hospital, only 90 are vacant now. However, at one time the number of empty beds was much higher than the number of patient beds.

Over 80 percent beds lying empty in Covid hospitals

Dhaka, October 28: About 80 percent of the Covid dedicated beds in Bangladeshi hospitals are lying empty. The total number of beds in the country is 12,294, including 11,730 in general and 564 in ICU. Out of the total beds, there are currently 2,365 patients in general beds and 273 in ICUs.

Covid-19: Virus claims another 34 lives in Bangladesh

Another 34 lives have been claimed by the deadly novel coronavirus disease in Bangladesh. Death toll has touched 2,581.

Several Covid-19 hospital to shut down as patients avoid certain facilities

Several factors such as mismanagement, lack of medical facilities and high costs have forced patients to avoid certain Covid-19 hospital, forcing the units to close down.

Crisis of ICU beds in Chittagong amid Covid-19

ঢাকা, জুন ২৬ : চট্টগ্রাম বিভাগের বিভিন্ন সরকারি ও বেসরকারি হাসপাতালে প্রয়োজনীয় সংখ্যক আইসিইউ বেড না থাকায় করোনা রোগীদের মৃত্যুর মিছিল দীর্ঘ হচ্ছে। করোনাভাইরাস সংক্রমণের শুরুর দিকে সংক্রমণ ও মৃত্যুর সংখ্যা খুবই সীমিত সংখ্যক থাকলেও ক্রমে তা বাড়তে থাকে এবং মৃত্যু সংখ্যাও বৃদ্ধি পায়।