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Why is there so much conspiracy about Bubly, Zayed Khan questions

The United States is not thinking about the results of the elections in Bangladesh

Election Commission is not under pressure but is pressuring everyone: EC Alamgir

Elections: Decision on seat sharing in a few days

Awami League's election manifesto to bring surprises

PM orders to control inflation to reduce people's suffering

Dhaka, June 21: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has directed everyone to work together to control inflation to ease the suffering of the common people of the country.

Situation could get worse: PM Sheikh Hasina

Dhaka, 5 June 2023 : Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that worldwide food shortages, inflation, increase in operating and transport costs and electricity shortages have made life unbearable for everyone.

Using reserves for the people of the country: Prime Minister

Dhaka, November 5: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that the prices of all products have increased in the context of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war. "This shock is also coming to our country. All countries are struggling today due to inflation, everyone has to use their reserves. We also have to use our reserves and it is for the people of the country."

Foreign minister explains his 'I'm in heaven' statement

Dhaka, August 13: Various discussions and criticisms have started around a comment of Foreign Minister Dr. AK Abdul Momen. He explained his statement. At the same time, the minister also complained that the journalists had 'twisted' his speech.