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Uranium transfer on Thursday, festive atmosphere in Rooppur

No objection to the movement, violence will not be spared: Prime Minister

Student attendance low on first day of school reopening

Dhaka, September 13: With limited classes starting in government primary schools, the attendance of junior students on the first day of school opening has been a bit low. Although the student attendance was low, the teachers and students took part in the class activities in compliance with the hygiene rules and maintaining social distancing. If the overall situation is favorable, the number of primary classes may be increased after one week.

Educational institutions to open from Sept 12; One student per bench in primary classes

Dhaka, September 11: Schools and colleges in Bangladesh are going to open from Sunday (September 12), following a hiatus due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The Directorate of Primary Education (DPE) has issued 16-point guidelines on how to operate after the opening of government primary schools. It said there should not be more than one student per bench to ensure physical distancing.

Government not planning to resume educational institutions anytime soon: Dipu Moni

Dhaka, November 19: With Covid-19 picking up pace once again, the Bangladeshi government is not planning to resume educational institutions anytime soon.

Primary schools may open from November 15

Dhaka, 03 November 2020: The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education is thinking of opening government primary schools from November 15. To that end, work has been started to create a 30-day short syllabus to build the basic competency of the students' textbooks. When the school is opened, that short syllabus will be completed and admitted to the next class.