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Arrest warrant issued against actress Sarika's husband in domestic violence case

Bangladesh to start direct flights to Luxembourg

No one from Awami League will go near BNP rally: Quader

Please stop Russia-Ukraine war: PM Hasina to world leaders

8-10 members of 'Raihan Gang' directly involved in Fardin's murder: RAB sources

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, Nov 16: Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) student Fardin Noor Parash's murder case is being unraveled. The name of Raihan aka Heronsi Raihan aka Hero Raihan aka Gangster Raihan has come up in the background. He is a resident of Block No. 4 of Chanpara Rehabilitation Center. On the day and night of the incident, 8-10 people led by Rayhan directly participated in the Fardin murder. All of them are identified drug dealers. Raihan used to carry out all the crimes under the umbrella of City Sahin, who was killed in a 'gunfight' with RAB. If Raihan gang members are arrested, the main mystery of the murder will be revealed.

RAB personnel injured in firing near Myanmar border in Bandarban

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, Nov 15: An incident of gunfire between RAB members and separatist groups took place on the Myanmar border at Konarpara of Tumbru border in Ghumdhum of Naikshyongchari in Bandarban. This incident happened on Monday (November 14) around 8 pm. A RAB member was seriously injured in the firing. Later he was brought to Cox's Bazar Sadar Hospital.

'City Shaheen' killed in shootout with RAB

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, Nov 11: RAB said that an accused of 23 cases named City Shaheen (35) was killed in a 'gunfight' with RAB in Rupganj Chonpara of Narayanganj. About 45 grams of heroin, a pistol, and three rounds of bullets were recovered from the spot.

Two financiers of Jamaatul Ansar Fil Hindal Sharqiya arrested

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, Nov 9: RAB has arrested three people including two financiers of the new militant organization 'Jamaatul Ansar Fil Hindal Sharqiya'. Besides, a woman member who was motivated by militancy has been de-radicalized and returned to her family.

Women joining new militant groups

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, Nov 5: Law and order forces have arrested 33 people including the top leaders of the new militant organization 'Jamatul Ansar Fil Hindal Sharqiya'. About a month after the start of the operation, RAB received information about the involvement of women in this militant organization. These women are doing the work of recruiting new members of the organization, collecting money and supplies and supporting the families of militants who have migrated (militants who are in the mountains).

RAB arrests murder case accused absconding for 12 years

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, Nov 4: Kazim Uddin was murdered in Mymensingh in 2010 due to a property dispute. A case was filed after the incident. Main accused in the case was Md. Sohel Mia (35). Then he escaped. Later, he got arrested and went to jail. After getting bail, he fled to Malaysia. He was a fugitive in this country and abroad for 12 years. Finally, he was arrested by RAB early on Thursday (November 3) from Motijheel in the capital.

RAB arrests 4 members of new terrorist group

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, Nov 4: RAB has arrested four people, including the chief coordinator of finance and migration affairs of the new militant organization 'Jama'atul Ansar Fil Hindal Sharqiya'.

Some US allegations unfounded: RAB DG

Dhaka, October 31: Rapid Action Battalion Director General (DG) M Khursheed Hossain said, "We have investigated the allegations made against the US ban. All the allegations have not been found to be true. The RAB has already responded to all the allegations. The government is working on the matter."

10 members of Jamatul Sharqiya and separatist organizations arrested

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, Oct 21: RAB has arrested a total of 10 people, including seven members of the new militant organization Jamatul Ansar Fil Hindal Sharqiya and three members of hilly region's separatist organizations from different areas of Bandarban and Rangamati. At that time, weapons and ammunition were recovered from them.

RAB arrests 5 over links with militant organization

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, Oct 10: The Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) has arrested five people for their involvement with militant outfits.

If US police shoot and kill a person, there is no trial: Prime Minister

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, Oct 7: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that the United States imposed sanctions against RAB. My question is, who created RAB? The creation of RAB is America's suggestion. America gives them training and weapons. Even their digital system, and ICT system are all provided by America. When America imposed sanctions, they did the same thing as you trained. What can we do about it?

No question of reforming RAB: DG

Dhaka, 2 October 2022 : The newly appointed Director General (DG) M Khurshid Hossain does not think there is any need for reform in RAB.

Ban against RAB aims at behavioral change, not a punishment: Ambassador Peter Haas

নিজস্ব প্রতিনিধি, ঢাকা, ২৯ সেপ্টেম্বর ২০২২: র‌্যাপিড অ্যাকশন ব্যাটালিয়নের (র‌্যাব) ওপর নিষেধাজ্ঞা দেওয়াটা শাস্তি নয়, এটা তাদের আচরণ পরিবর্তনের জন্য দেওয়া হয়েছে। ঢাকায় নিযুক্ত মার্কিন রাষ্ট্রদূত পিটার হাস এমন মন্তব্য করেছেন।

RAB arrests 4 members of inter-district thief gang from Comilla

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, Sept 9: RAB-4 has arrested four members of an inter-district thief gang from Beltali area of Comilla Sadar Dakshin Upazila and seized exportable stolen garment products worth about Tk 4 crore and a covered van from their possessions.

Narayanganj's top terrorist former Chhatra Dal leader Zakir arrested

Dhaka, September 3: Narayanganj district Chhatra Dal former president and police-listed top terrorist Zakir Khan was arrested with a foreign pistol by the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB). In a press release on Saturday (September 3), RAB-11 captain Lt. Colonel Tanveer Mahmud Pasha.