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If BNP comes to the polls, opportunities will be created in accordance with the law: EC Rasheda

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, 20 November 2023: Election Commissioner Rasheda Sultana said that if BNP comes to the election, opportunities will be created in accordance with the law. She said this in response to a question from journalists at the Agargaon Election Commission on Monday, November 20.

Will hold election with parties that come to polls: EC Rasheda

Dhaka, Oct 9: Election Commissioner (EC) Rasheda Sultana said it is not the Commission's job to compromise with political parties.

Four-way preparations for polls have begun, BNP will also come: EC Rasheda

Dhaka, August 21: Election Commissioner Rasheda Sultana said that the preparations for the elections are progressing and the political instability will decrease gradually. A time will come when BNP will come to the polls. She said this while talking to reporters at Nirbachan Bhaban on Sunday.

All elections are equally important: EC Rasheda

Dhaka, May 25: Election Commissioner (EC) Rasheda Sultana has expressed hope that the Gazipur city elections will be completed smoothly. She expressed this optimism while attending a discussion meeting with judicial magistrates on city elections at Gazipur Circuit House at 4 pm on Wednesday.

Election Commission's powers not diminished but increased: EC Rasheda

Dhaka, May 22: Election Commissioner Rasheda Sultana claimed that as a result of the amendment of the existing election law by the Cabinet, the power of the EC has not been reduced but rather increased.

National elections will be cancelled if there are irregularities: EC Rasheda

Dhaka, March 23: Election Commissioner Begum Rasheda Sultana said that if there are irregularities, the national election will be cancelled like the Gaibandha by-election.

EVMs may be used in 50-70 seats in Parliament elections: EC Rasheda

Dhaka, January 31: Election Commissioner (EC) Begum Rasheda Sultana has said that the commission can use electronic voting machines (EVMs) in 50 to 70 seats in the upcoming 12th National Parliament elections. In this case, the decision will depend on how useful the EVM machine is.

EC has not surrendered to anyone: Rasheda Sultana

Dhaka, January 20: Election Commissioner Rasheda Sultana said that the election environment will be developed by observing the code of conduct. However, if the election environment is not developed, if it seems that there is a disruption in the polling, then the polling will be stopped at the stage where the disruption occurs. The Election Commission (EC) has not surrendered to anyone on the issue of Gaibandha. A couple of isolated incidents did not collapse the entire electoral system. The Election Commission is ready to conduct polls in 300 seats.

Preparations should be taken to conduct Parliament elections on ballot: EC Rasheda

Dhaka, January 9: Election Commissioner (EC) Begum Rasheda Sultana said that if the new EVM scheme is not passed in mid-January, preparations should be made to conduct the National Assembly election on the ballot paper.