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Three sentenced to death for crimes against humanity during Liberation War

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Home Minister urges Rohingya refugees to refrain from terrorism, promises stern measures

Dhaka, November 9: Referring to the Rohingyas, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan said that the Rohingyas in humanitarian shelters in Ukhia-Teknaf would not be better off if they did not refrain from terrorist activities.

Rohingya terrorists making weapons in refugee camps

Dhaka, November 9: Armed terrorists want to dominate 34 Rohingya camps in Ukhia-Teknaf in Cox's Bazar. So in the darkness of the night there is a regular exercise with arms. In order to supply these weapons, an illegal weapons factory has been set up in the hilly area of ​​the camp. Maheshkhali artisans used to work in these factories but now only trained Rohingya artisans are making weapons. Law enforcement has information about several such factories.