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Holy Shab-e-Qadr today

Soon the situation in Chittagong Hill Tracts will be calm: Obaidul Quader

KNF attack to loot money and show capability: RAB

Kidnapped manager of Sonali Bank returns to his family

Home Minister to visit Bandarban tomorrow to inspect situation

BNP postpones tomorrow's 12-hr strike to Tuesday

Dhaka, Dec 17: BNP has postponed its 12-hour strike, which has been called for the postponement of elections, the release of Khaleda Zia and other jailed party leaders and the resignation of the current government, by one day.

BNP to go on 12-hr strike tomorrow

Dhaka, Dec 17: BNP has called a 12-hour strike tomorrow, Monday (December 18).

212 vehicles set on fire in a month during oppositions' strike-blockade

Dhaka, Nov 28: It is going to be almost a month of the strike-blockade programme called by BNP and like-minded opposition parties. The fire service and civil defence said that miscreants set fire to a total of 212 vehicles including 132 buses across the country from October 28 till 6 am on November 28.

BNP has called a 48-hour strike across the country from Sunday

Dhaka, November 16: BNP has called for a 48-hour nationwide strike from Sunday to demand the cancellation of the election schedule for the 12th National Assembly elections.

Metrorail running jam-packed during strike

Own correspondent, Dhaka, 7 November 2023: BNP and like-minded parties have carried out a second round of blockade program in continuation of one round of movement to bring down the government. However, working people have suffered. They have to suffer on the way to and from the office. Metrorail is giving some relief to common people. Metrorail has been completed after 10 long months. Earlier it was running from Uttara to Agargaon, but from Sunday it is going to Motijheel, a commercial area or office park.

BNP calls for 48-hour strike from Sunday

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, 3 November 2023: BNP has again announced a 2-day blockade program to demand the resignation of the government. They will observe a total nationwide blockade on November 5 and 6 (Sunday and Monday).

Jail-fine for calling a strike in the transport-fuel sector

Dhaka, October 31: The cabinet has given final approval to the Essential Services Act 2022, which provides for a maximum jail term of one year for illegally calling or supporting strikes in the essential services sector. As a result, strike or hartal can no longer be called at will in any case where public life is disrupted. The draft law was given final approval in a Cabinet meeting held at the Prime Minister's Office on Monday (October 31). Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina presided over the meeting.

কাল পাটকল শ্রমিকদের পাওনা পরিশোধ শুরু

নিজস্ব প্রতিনিধি, ঢাকা, ১৪ সেপ্টেম্বর ২০২০ : বাংলাদেশ পাটকল কর্পোরেশনের (বিজেএমসি) বন্ধ পাটকলের শ্রমিকদের পাওনা পরিশোধ কার্যক্রম আগামীকাল মঙ্গলবার (১৫ সেপ্টেম্বর) থেকে শুরু হচ্ছে। রাজধানীর ডেমরার করিম জুটমিলে ওইদিন বেলা ১১টায় বস্ত্র ও পাটমন্ত্রী গোলাম দস্তগীর গাজী পাওনা পরিশোধ কার্যক্রম আনুষ্ঠানিক উদ্বোধন করবেন। বস্ত্র ও পাট মন্ত্রণালয়ের জনসংযোগ কর্মকর্তা সৈকত চন্দ্র হালদার এ কতা জানান। ...

Dhaka has not returned even after withdrawal of strike

নিজস্ব প্রতিনিধি, ঢাকা, নভেম্বর ২২ : দাবি মেনে নেয়ার আশ্বাসে অনির্দিষ্টকালের ধর্মঘট বুধবার দিবাগত মধ্যরাতে প্রত্যাহার করে বাংলাদেশ ট্রাক-কাভার্ডভ্যান পণ্য পরিবহন মালিক-শ্রমিক ঐক্য পরিষদ।