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Supreme Court: Nine additional High Court judges appointed permanently

Dhaka, October 19: The Supreme Court administration has permanently appointed nine judges who were appointed two years ago in addition to the High Court Division of the Supreme Court.

President's order to resolve judiciary crisis

Dhaka, September 3: The number of cases is increasing everywhere from the state's highest court, the Supreme Court's appellate and high court divisions to the judicial (lower) courts. The case is complicated. But even though the number of cases has increased year after year, the number of judges has not increased. As a result, many cases are pending. The Appellate Division of the Supreme Court is also facing a crisis of judges as new ones have not been appointed in time to fill the vacancies of retired judges. At present, there are five judges in the Appellate Division, including the Chief Justice. But a decade ago, in 2009, the number was 11 in the Appellate Division.