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Holy Shab-e-Qadr today

Soon the situation in Chittagong Hill Tracts will be calm: Obaidul Quader

KNF attack to loot money and show capability: RAB

Kidnapped manager of Sonali Bank returns to his family

Home Minister to visit Bandarban tomorrow to inspect situation

Teesta river development: If India objects, Bangladesh will take steps understanding geopolitical importance

Dhaka, Dec 29: If any kind of objection is raised by the neighboring country India on the development project of the Bangladesh part of the Teesta river, action will be taken considering the geopolitical issues. Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Seheli Sabrin, made this comment in response to questions from journalists at the regular weekly briefing on Thursday.

Teesta deal: Dhaka finds 'new hope' following Indian parliamentary committee's recommendation

Dhaka, August 3: The recommendation of the Indian Parliamentary Standing Committee has given Bangladesh hope that the Teesta water sharing issue will be resolved soon.

Teesta water flowing 35 cm above danger line, riverside people in panic

Dhaka, July 14: Due to the upstream hill slope and few days of continuous rain, Teesta water is flowing 35 cm above the danger line. As a result, water has risen in many homesteads in the low-lying areas along the banks of the Teesta in Nilphamari and Lalmonirhat, the locals said. Due to the increase in the river water, the residents of the river bank are spending their days in fear of flood and erosion.

Dhaka awaiting New Delhi's response on Teesta note

Dhaka, March 24: The Foreign Ministry said that Bangladesh is awaiting a response to the note verbale from New Delhi on the issue of joint Teesta river to decide the next course of action.

Canal to withdraw Teesta water: Dhaka questions New Delhi about development

Dhaka, March 21: Dhaka asked New Delhi through a note verbale (a type of diplomatic communication) about digging two new canals in West Bengal to withdraw Teesta water. The Foreign Secretary gave this information to reporters at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Sunday.

Beijing trying to thrust on Dhaka unviable project for management of river Teesta

Dhaka, March 20: Beijing is trying to thrust on Bangladesh a project for comprehensive restoration of river Teesta and management of the river basin that is unviable and likely to do serious damage to the environment of Bangladesh in the long run. Dhaka is naturally reluctant to implement it and has so far resisted Chinese pressures to accept the project.

Dhaka will ask Delhi about West Bengal's proposed Teesta project

Dhaka, March 17: Bangladesh has decided to seek clarification from India on West Bengal's proposed project aimed at reducing the flow of Teesta. The process of water sharing of transboundary rivers has remained unresolved for a long time.

Teesta Master Plan will be implemented soon: Planning Minister

Dhaka, December 29: Teesta is an important issue. The Teesta issue will come up in any discussion with India. The government has many grand plans for rivers, water, and soil. The government has already prepared several drafts to implement the Teesta Master Plan. The present government is making all efforts to implement this master plan. Planning Minister MA Mannan said these while addressing as the chief guest at the silver jubilee celebration of Mostafihat Girls High School in Lalmonirhat on Wednesday (December 28).

Flood risk increases as Teesta water level rises

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, August 3: The water of the Teesta river has increased due to the hill slopes downstream and the rains of the last few days. As a result, there is danger of flood situation in Rangpur. In the meantime, the families living in the lower areas, Char and Dwipchar along the banks of Teesta have become waterlogged.

Teesta agreement not in sight: Kaji

Dhaka, June 5, 2022: Prominent economist Kazi Khaliquzzaman Ahmed has said that he does not see the possibility of a much talked about Teesta water sharing agreement with India.

Tista river turns violent

Dhaka, April 8: Dreams of thousands of farmers have been shattered after the gates of Ghazaldoba Barrage in India were opened and heavy rains inundated their crops. Every year during the months of March and April, the river Teesta becomes dry. In the scorching sun, the people near the bank walk along the sandy Teesta. This is the first time in almost 35 years that the picture has changed.

Indian expert calls for nature-based dialogue to resolve Teesta issue

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, January 22:�Indian water expert Jayanta Basu has suggested a nature-based discussion approach to resolve the long-standing disputes over the distribution of Teesta water.

Teesta filled up with water

The water flow of the river Teesta has suddenly taken the form of rainy season. Water is rushing through the Kaliganj Zero Point in West Chhatnai Union of Dimla Upazila of Nilphamari, which is rapidly crossing the Teesta Barrage and flowing downstream.

Teesta river water flowing over danger mark

নিজস্ব প্রতিনিধি, ঢাকা, সেপ্টেম্বর ২০ : টানা বর্ষণ ও উজান থেকে নেমে আসা পাহাড়ি ঢলে লালমনিরহাটের তিস্তা নদীর পানি আকস্মিকভাবে বৃদ্ধি পেয়েছে।

Lalmonirhat: Brahmaputra water disconnects area with rest of Bangladesh

ঢাকা, জুলাই ১৪ : ভারী বর্ষণ ও পাহাড়ি ঢলে তিস্তার পানি দোয়ানি পয়েন্টে বিপৎসীমার ৫০ সেন্টিমিটার ওপর দিয়ে প্রবাহিত হচ্ছে। তিস্তা ব্যারেজের ফ্লাট বাইপাস ছুঁই ছুঁই পানি। ব্যারেজ রক্ষার্থে যেকোনো মুহূর্তে ফ্লাট বাইপাস কেটে দেয়া হতে পারে। এদিকে পানি ঢুকে লালমনিরহাটের হাতীবান্ধা, গড্ডিমারী, বড়খাতা শহরের সঙ্গে যোগাযোগ বিচ্ছিন্ন হয়ে গেছে।