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Khaleda Zia can go to Appellate Division regarding treatment abroad: Additional Attorney General

Police not worried about visa policy: Newly appointed commissioner of DMP

Price of 12 kg LPG increased by Tk 79

The third terminal of Shahjalal Airport to be inaugurated on October 7

Will continue to support freedom of the press: Peter Haas

Dhaka, 1 October 2023 : Explaining the visa policy on the media, Peter Haas, the US Ambassador to Dhaka, said that the US will continue to support the freedom of the press.

United States Assistant Secretary Rena Bitter coming to Dhaka

Dhaka, Sept 26: United States Assistant Secretary of Consular Affairs Rena Bitter is coming to Bangladesh. She will visit Pakistan and Bangladesh from Monday 25 September to 2 October. The US Department of State announced this information in a press release on Monday.

Leaders under 'US Visa ban' will get Awami League nomination in upcoming polls

Dhaka, Sept 26: Only three months left for the 12th National Assembly elections. The United States has begun the process of imposing a visa ban on those 'responsible' for obstructing democracy and the electoral process in Bangladesh as the election approaches. The country has said that political leaders are also under the ban.

Never went to USA, will not go in future: Outgoing Chief Justice

Dhaka, Sept 26: Outgoing Chief Justice Hasan Foez Siddique said that he was not upset about the visa policy of the United States, and those who opposed Bangladesh during independence are now opposing it. For this reason, we are not upset with the US visa policy.

US visa policy will not affect police: DMP

Dhaka, Sept 25: Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Media and Public Relations Department Chief Deputy Commissioner (DC) Md. Farooq Hossain said that even if the US visa policy has started to be implemented in Bangladesh, it will not have any impact on the police force. He said this to reporters at his office at DMP Media Center on Sunday.

US embassy expresses concern over Adilur-Elan's imprisonment

Dhaka, Sept 15: The United States has expressed concern over the two-year imprisonment of Adilur Rahman Khan Shubhra, the editor of the human rights organization Odhikar, and ASM Nasir Uddin Elan, the director of the organization. The US Embassy in Dhaka expressed this concern in a statement on Thursday night.

Bangladesh's prosperity under Sheikh Hasina's leadership is commendable: US Congressman

Dhaka, August 31: Senior US Congressman and Chairman of the Parliamentary Security Intelligence Forum (PSIF), Robert Pittenger, said that Bangladesh is a close partner of the US in countering terrorism in South Asia and the country continues to make strong economic progress under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina.

United States' friendship with Bangladesh is deep: Prime Minister

Dhaka, August 30: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has expressed hope that US cooperation will continue in Bangladesh's progress.

It is not safe for Rohingyas to return to Myanmar in current situation: US

Dhaka, August 26: The United States has said that it is not safe for the Rohingyas who have taken refuge in Bangladesh to return to their country in the current situation. At the same time, the country called on the international community to continue providing humanitarian aid for the Rohingyas.

Shahriar calls on US to hand over convicted murderer of Bangabandhu

Dhaka, August 18: State Minister for Foreign Affairs Md. Shahriar Alam, showing respect for the laws of Bangladesh, has called on the United States to hand over Rashed Chowdhury, the self-confessed murderer of Bangabandhu, who has been sentenced to death.

US thinks Bangladesh is entering China's circle: Momen

Dhaka, August 14: Finally, the reason for the hostile attitude of the United States towards Bangladesh is known. They think that Bangladesh is gradually entering the circle of China. They even consider Bangladesh to be a part of China. The opposition is believed to have given the idea to the United States. While BNP was in power, diplomatic and various cooperative relations were established with China. On the other hand, China has been warning (threatening) Bangladesh about joining the US-led coalition 'Quad'.

Fair election is not possible under a party govt: BNP to US Congressmen

Dhaka, August 14: BNP told two American Congressmen visiting Bangladesh that fair elections are not possible under party government. BNP said this in a tea ceremony with two members of US Congress with leaders of Awami League, BNP and Jatiya Party (JP).

There is no matter of compromise, elections will be free and fair: Foreign Minister

Dhaka, August 14: There is no compromise between the major political parties around the upcoming 12th National Assembly elections. However, the election will be free, fair and impartial. Foreign Minister Dr. AK Abdul Momen informed US Congressmen about the government's plans for the upcoming national elections of Bangladesh when two US Congressmen visiting Dhaka at Rashtriya Bhaban Padma on Sunday afternoon. After the meeting, the minister briefed the journalists.

Bangladesh is far ahead in Information Technology: US ambassador

Dhaka, August 11: US Ambassador to Dhaka Peter D Haas said Bangladesh is far ahead in information technology and he expressed hope that the country will develop further in the future.

Sanction is an anti corruption tool: Richard Nephew

Dhaka, August 8: Richard Nephew, coordinator of the Global Anti-Corruption Division of the US State Department, mentioned sanctions as an anti-corruption tool.