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Met Dept predicts rain in different parts of country including Dhaka

Dhaka, Sept 4: A mild heatwave is blowing over several districts of the country. The Meteorological Department said that there is a possibility of rain at different places across all the divisions. Along with that, moderate to heavy rainfall may occur at some places.

Heavy rain likely to lash four divisions for next 3 days

Dhaka, August 23: The Meteorological Department has announced the possibility of heavy rain in four divisions. At the same time, the agency also said that the day temperature likely to drop up to 2 degrees Celsius.

Chittagong city waterlogged after 3 days of continuous rain

Dhaka, August 7: Most of the areas of Chittagong city have been waterlogged due to continuous rain for the last three days. Water has entered the ground floor of houses, shops and businesses. People from all walks of life have suffered. Thousands of families have become watertight. Many roads are blocked due to water accumulation on the roads. People have to walk to their destinations.

Deep low pressure moving over land, rain increasing

Dhaka, August 2: A deep depression in the Bay of Bengal is crossing the land of Bangladesh. It crosses the coast from the Bay of Bengal near Khepupara in Patuakhali. Currently it is located in Khulna region. Rain is increasing across the country under the influence of deep depression. It can reduce the daytime temperature by up to 2 degrees Celsius. At the same time, local warning signal number 3 has been maintained in four seaports of the country.

Apparent low pressure: Warning signal no 3 issued in seaports

Dhaka, August 1: The trend of rain is increasing over the country under the influence of clear low pressure. Hence, the daytime temperature may drop by up to 2 degrees Celsius. Weather forecasters said that the mild heat wave that is sweeping over the country may disappear from most of the places on Tuesday.

Warning signal no 3 at seaports, rain likely to increase

Dhaka, July 15: As monsoon activity increases, thunderclouds likely to form and gusty winds may blow over the country's seaports. Therefore, the Meteorological Department has asked the country's sea ports to display warning signal number 3. At the same time, it also said that the temperature may decrease due to increase in rain across the country.

Risk of flooding this month, temperature likely to rise

Dhaka, July 3: This July may see less than normal rainfall and higher temperatures across the country. At the same time, short to medium term floods may occur in different parts of the country.

Rain forecast in 4 divisions including Chittagong, Sylhet

Dhaka, June 3: The Meteorology Department said that one-two places of Khulna, Barisal, Chittagong and Sylhet divisions may experience scattered rain with gusty wind or rain with thunder. Elsewhere in the country, the weather will remain mainly dry with partly cloudy sky.

Heat wave blowing in 11 regions including 5 divisions

Dhaka, May 30: Mild heat wave has started in five divisions and 11 regions of the country as the temperature has increased. Bangladesh Meteorological Department said that the rainless conditions may continue today (Tuesday), which may increase day and night temperatures.

102 kmph nor'wester, thunderstorm lash Dhaka

Dhaka, May 24: Nor'wester storm has swept over the capital Dhaka at a speed of 102 km per hour. On Tuesday, May 23, around 5 pm, nor'wester swept over different parts of Dhaka. Then it started raining heavily around 5:45 pm. Due to storms and rains, the heat has reduced and relief has returned to the city life.

Commuters suffer as morning rain lashes Dhaka

Dhaka, May 17: After Wednesday morning, the whole sky was covered with clouds. Then it started raining. This rain was a message of relief for the city dwellers in the sweltering heat and scorching heat. However, it was seen that the people going to the office or various places of work suffered a little due to this morning rain.

Met Dept predicts rain in 4 divisions including Dhaka

Dhaka, April 19: The temperature in different parts of the country, including Dhaka, has dropped a little more. But a comfortable situation has not yet emerged. A little rain has been seen in Sylhet region amid hot weather. In next 24 hours there may be rain in one-two places in Sylhet. At the same time, the Meteorological Department has predicted thunderstorms in two other parts of the country, including Dhaka.

Strong wind, rain predicted in 6 divisions including Dhaka

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, April 4: Strong wind and rain are predicted in six divisions of the country, including Dhaka, on Monday as well. No. 1 naval warning signal has been maintained in the inland river ports for fear of strong winds. This information was given by Bangladesh Meteorological Department on Monday.

People suffer as winter rain lashes parts of Dhaka

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, February 5: The sky in Dhaka was cloudy since Friday morning, and later in the day rain had started lashing. There was light to moderate rainfall in different areas of the capital including Dhanmondi and Farmgate. Cold wind was also blowing.

Low pressure in Bay of Bengal likely to intensify: BMD

Dhaka, December 2: The low pressure area, which currently lies over southeast Bay of Bengal and the adjoining Andaman Sea, is likely to intensify, the Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD) said on Thursday.