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Those who gave shelter to Bangabandhu's killers teaching lessons of humanity today: PM

Grameen Telecom gives account of assets of Dr. Yunus, 3 others to ACC

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights visits Rohingya camp

5 JMB members sentenced to death in Chittagong

Murderers also conspired to kill Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehana abroad: Dr Gowher Rizvi

Six members of women trafficking ring arrested from Narayanganj

Dhaka, August 5: RAB-11 arrested six members of women trafficking ring from Siddhirganj of Narayanganj. At that time, several mobile phones, debit cards and money bags were seized from them.

Man learns about daughters' trafficking to India from police

Dhaka, June 4: Two young women, aged 19 and 22, from Mymensingh's Gafargaon are believed to have been trafficked to India in a bid to get a higher-salaried job. Their family said the two girls had been missing since the first week of May. Their father lodged a written complaint with the Sreepur police station on May 28.

Trafficked to India, Bangladeshi woman recounts 'horrific' experience after returning back to country

Dhaka, June 2: A woman has opened up about the horrific experiences she faced after being trafficked to India on the pretext of making her a TikTok star.

500 women trafficked to India within eight years, ring leader Rafi arrested

Dhaka, June 2: Recently, a young Bangladeshi girl was sexually abused in India. That video has gone viral again through social media. There is a lot of discussion going on in both the countries. While investigating the incident, information about the international women's trafficking ring came out. The Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) has arrested four members, including Ashraful Mandal alias Boss Rafi, one of the ringleaders of the ring.