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Razz-Porimoni finally divorced

Entertainment Reporter, Dhaka, 21 September 2023: Rumors that actor Shariful Razz and actress Porimoni's marriage are breaking up have been heard in the media for several months. Now it is known that they are really going to separate. According to various sources, Porimoni signed the divorce papers on the night of September 17 and sent the divorce letter to Razz on September 18.

Porimoni returns to work after maternal leave

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, 18 September 2023: On the evening of Saturday 16 September, actress Porimoni shared a mysterious update on her Facebook account. There she wrote, 'Tomorrow (September 17) is a very important day in my life! A (signature emoji). Trust in Allah.'

Not Porimoni's attack, injury due to car accident: Shariful Razz

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, 23 August 2023: Actor Shariful Razz said, "The news that is being spread on Facebook and some media is not correct. Not Porimoni's beating, I had a head injury in a car accident. But that wasn't much, with the help of doctors I am now healthy. I am currently preparing for the next film, I don't listen to the words of outsiders, so I don't even pick up the phone."

Razz injured: Porimoni and Toma Mirza in the same hospital

Entertainment Reporter, Dhaka, 19 August 2023: Razz and Porimoni have forgotten everything. Just when such news is circulating on social media, the three popular actors of Bangladesh, Shariful Razz, Porimoni and Toma Mirza pulled the complex equation of the relationship.

Razz returns to Pori's home

Entertainment Reporter, Dhaka, 19 August 2023: Porimoni and Shariful Razz, the popular star couple, got together again after letting go of their ego. Razz has returned to Pori's house again after a long period of three months. He said, they are fine, they are doing well. This actor is spending great time with his son.

Raaz-Pori seen together again

Entertainment Reporter, Dhaka, 17 August 2023: Porimani and Shariful Razz are united once again after letting go the drama of humiliation and separation. Both of them were seen cutting the cake together with Rajya on Wednesday night. On Thursday morning, CEO of 'Gaanbangla' TV Kaushik Hossain Tapas shared some pictures of that special moment from his verified Facebook page. He also wrote in the caption, 'Rajya Baba's birthday is being celebrated by TM.'

Razz returns home to celebrate son's birthday, wife Porimoni gives him the cold shoulder

Entertainment Reporter, Dhaka, 11 August 2023: Shaheem Muhammad Rajya, the only child of Dhaka's popular movie couple Porimoni and Shariful Razz, turned one year old on August 10. On the night before his birthday, Razz appeared at Porimoni's house to see Rajya. At that time, he met his son Rajya, but he did not meet his wife Pori. This actress was sitting in her room with the door closed.

Porimoni to make her Tollywood debut soon

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, 2 August 2023: Actress Porimoni is going to work in the showbiz of West Bengal, India, after the country's popular actresses Jaya Ahsan, Nusrat Faria, Apu Biswas, Mahia Mahi and Bidya Sinha Mim. This is what the Indian media reported.

Rafi, Porimoni forget past differences, connect

Entertainment Reporter, Dhaka, 29 July 2023: Actor Shariful Razz and his wife and actress Porimoni are currently keeping a distance. Even in the illness of the only son Rajya, Razz was not by Pori's side. However, she had once had a verbal fight with popular filmmaker Raihan Rafi about Razz.

"How can I speak in front of so many people": Porimoni about molestation case

Entertainment Report, Dhaka, 24 July 2023: Actress Porimoni testified against businessman Nasir Uddin Mahmood and Tuhin Siddiqui Omi in the molestation case. On Monday, she appeared in the court of Judge Shahina Haque Siddika of Women and Child Torture Prevention Tribunal-9 and testified.

Porimoni returns home from hospital with son Rajya

Dhaka, July 20: Celebrated actress Porimoni and Sariful Razz's son Shaheem Muhammad Rajya has returned home with his mother from the hospital after recovering. The news was shared by the actress on her Facebook profile. "My Padma has returned home. Praise the Lord. You love him so much. When he grows up, I'll share it with him," the actress wrote in Bangla. 

Pori Moni celebrates without husband Razz as son Rajya turns 11-month-old

Dhaka, July 13: The issue of distance between Shariful Razz-Pori Moni, the popular couple of Dhakai cinema, has once again made headlines in the media. Recently, the tension in the family life of this star couple was on everyone's lips.

Pori Moni to leave out husband Sariful Razz from her life

Dhaka, June 27: Controversial film actress Pori Mani wants to become a journalist. But her intentions are not noble. The actress participated in a private television program on the occasion of Eid. Actor Saju Khadem was in charge of hosting the show. He asked Pori, now if you are given the opportunity to change your profession, which profession would you choose?

Apu Biswas lends support to Pori Moni

Dhaka, June 9: For the last few days, the internet has been abuzz with news of Pori Moni and husband Razz's divorce. The marriage crumbled after several private video sna d photos were leaked online from the actor's profile. Soon, allegations and counter allegations were traded.

Pori Moni and Razz heading for divorce

Dhaka, June 7: Actress Pori Moni has sought divorce from her husband and actor Shariful Razz within 24 hours. She told a news outlet, Pori Moni said, "I can't live with a fake person. I want Razz to divorce me within 24 hours."