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Holy Shab-e-Qadr today

Soon the situation in Chittagong Hill Tracts will be calm: Obaidul Quader

KNF attack to loot money and show capability: RAB

Kidnapped manager of Sonali Bank returns to his family

Home Minister to visit Bandarban tomorrow to inspect situation

Pori Moni is teaming up with Kolkata's Soham

Entertainment Reporter, Dhaka, 14 March 2024: Pori Moni is going to cross the border and make her name in Tollywood movies. Popular Kolkata actor Soham Chakraborty will be seen with her in an upcoming movie titled 'Felubakshi'. The movie will be directed by Devraj Sinha. The shooting is scheduled to start from March 26 in parts of Kolkata.

Drug case against Pori Moni will continue

Dhaka, February 24: The High Court has disposed of the ruling questioning the proceedings of the drug case filed against Samsun Nahar Smriti, popularly known as actress Pori Moni.

Pori Moni, costars watch Kagojer Bou in theatre

Entertainment Reporter, Dhaka, 31 January 2024: Pori Moni returned from Kolkata after her son's treatment a few days ago. Meanwhile, the movie 'Kagojer Bou' starring her is playing in theaters. However Pori could not actively participate in the promotion of the movie due to illness of herself and her son.

Pori Moni opens up about sadness after reaching Kolkata

Entertainment Reporter, Dhaka, 19 January 2024: Actress Pori Moni's son Padma and four members of her family fell ill due to food poisoning several days ago. As a result, they were all admitted to a hospital in the capital for treatment. While the others recovered after treatment, her son did not improve at all. It is said that Pori Moni's son's physical condition has further deteriorated.

Pori Moni's mustard field adventure with cousins

Entertainment Reporter, Dhaka, 13 January 2024: Actress Pori Moni loves to celebrate every moment of life along with acting. She likes to spend time laughing even in the midst of hostile environment. Wherever Pori Moni goes, she ushers in the festivities. Recently she went to her ancestral home in Barisal and made every moment there happy. She also shared the photos of these moments with her fans on social media.

If I could sit on Nanu's grave all the time: Porimoni

Entertainment Reporter, Dhaka, 30 November 2023: It has been a few days since the grandfather of the popular film actress Porimoni passed away. She still could not get over the grief of losing a loved one.

Indicative status of Porimoni at midnight

Entertainment Reporter, Dhaka, 22 October 2023: Porimani, the popular actress of Dhakai cinema, was hospitalized for the past few days. Her maternal grandfather Shamsul Haque Ghazi is also admitted in the same hospital. Pori said that she is going through a difficult time in his life. Not only this time, she had to face difficult situations many times before.

Porimoni, Bubly to feature in Khela Hobe

Entertainment Reporter, Dhaka, 27 September 2023: A lot of things have already happened with 'Khela Hobe'. This slogan, once discussed in the politics of Bangladesh, has influenced the politics of West Bengal as well. Politician and director Raj Chakraborty from there has used an item song with this title in the web series 'Abar Pralay'.

Razz-Porimoni finally divorced

Entertainment Reporter, Dhaka, 21 September 2023: Rumors that actor Shariful Razz and actress Porimoni's marriage are breaking up have been heard in the media for several months. Now it is known that they are really going to separate. According to various sources, Porimoni signed the divorce papers on the night of September 17 and sent the divorce letter to Razz on September 18.

Porimoni returns to work after maternal leave

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, 18 September 2023: On the evening of Saturday 16 September, actress Porimoni shared a mysterious update on her Facebook account. There she wrote, 'Tomorrow (September 17) is a very important day in my life! A (signature emoji). Trust in Allah.'

Not Porimoni's attack, injury due to car accident: Shariful Razz

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, 23 August 2023: Actor Shariful Razz said, "The news that is being spread on Facebook and some media is not correct. Not Porimoni's beating, I had a head injury in a car accident. But that wasn't much, with the help of doctors I am now healthy. I am currently preparing for the next film, I don't listen to the words of outsiders, so I don't even pick up the phone."

Razz injured: Porimoni and Toma Mirza in the same hospital

Entertainment Reporter, Dhaka, 19 August 2023: Razz and Porimoni have forgotten everything. Just when such news is circulating on social media, the three popular actors of Bangladesh, Shariful Razz, Porimoni and Toma Mirza pulled the complex equation of the relationship.

Razz returns to Pori's home

Entertainment Reporter, Dhaka, 19 August 2023: Porimoni and Shariful Razz, the popular star couple, got together again after letting go of their ego. Razz has returned to Pori's house again after a long period of three months. He said, they are fine, they are doing well. This actor is spending great time with his son.

Raaz-Pori seen together again

Entertainment Reporter, Dhaka, 17 August 2023: Porimani and Shariful Razz are united once again after letting go the drama of humiliation and separation. Both of them were seen cutting the cake together with Rajya on Wednesday night. On Thursday morning, CEO of 'Gaanbangla' TV Kaushik Hossain Tapas shared some pictures of that special moment from his verified Facebook page. He also wrote in the caption, 'Rajya Baba's birthday is being celebrated by TM.'

Razz returns home to celebrate son's birthday, wife Porimoni gives him the cold shoulder

Entertainment Reporter, Dhaka, 11 August 2023: Shaheem Muhammad Rajya, the only child of Dhaka's popular movie couple Porimoni and Shariful Razz, turned one year old on August 10. On the night before his birthday, Razz appeared at Porimoni's house to see Rajya. At that time, he met his son Rajya, but he did not meet his wife Pori. This actress was sitting in her room with the door closed.