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No relationship with actress Puja outside work: Shakib Khan

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, Oct 14: After the news of Shakib Khan's marriage with actress Bubly came to light, there have been rumors of the Dhallywoood actor's marriage with actress Puja Cherry. There is a lot of discussion and criticism about Puja-Shakib, especially on social media. Shakib Khan responded to these discussions.

Puja Cherry warns of strict legal actions against rumour-mongers

Dhaka, October 12: Puja Cherry is the talented actress of the current generation. She is spreading light on the screen with her acting talent. Starting the journey with 'Poraman 2', she is moving towards the ultimate success. Lately, she has been in discussions outside of work. She was silent for a long time about the rumors of a relationship with the top hero of Dhallywood. However, she broke the silence and has warned rumour-mongers of strict actions.

Puja Cherry flaunts her US Visa

Dhaka, October 4: Dhallywood discussion is not stuck on Bubli-Bir-Shakib Khan. Rather, the name of Pooja Cherry, another rising actress of Dhallywood, is also coming up in various ways.

Shakib, Puja to work together again

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, Sept 25: Dhallywood star Shakib Khan is also successful as a producer. Several popular movies have been produced by his company SK Films. A few days ago, Shakib also received a government grant as a producer. The government is giving him a grant of Tk 65 lakh for a movie named 'Maya'.

Actress Puja Cherry fascinated by the audience in Khulna

Entertainment Correspondent, Dhaka, July 12: The gate of Khulna's Khalishpur Chitrali Cinema Hall was crowded. Visitors were seen taking selfies. After a while, the audience met the actress Puja Cherry. She was also spotted taking selfies with the audience and her fans.

Puja Cherry will be the heroine in Shakib's next movie

Entertainment Correspondent, Dhaka, July 2: Shakib Khan, the top hero of Dhaka cinema, is also successful as a film producer. Multiple movies have been made from his company SK Films. They have also gained viewership. A few days ago, Shakib also received a government grant as a producer. The government is giving him a grant of Tk 65 lakh for a movie called 'Maya'.

Siam-Puja's 'Shaan' to release in Malaysia on Eid

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, April 28: The much awaited police action thriller movie 'Shaan' will be releasing in the theatres of Bangladesh as well as Malaysia on Eid.

Shakib-Puja's 'Golui' trailer released

Entertainment Correspondent, Dhaka, April 27: Two films of superstar Shakib Khan are going to be released on this Eid. But in the meanwhile, one of his movies, 'Golui', has become the centre of interest in the audience. The official poster and song of the film was released several days ago as part of the campaign.

Actress Puja Cherry sustains critical injury

নিজস্ব প্রতিনিধি, ঢাকা, ১২ আগস্ট ২০২০ : ঢাকাই সিনেমার নতুন প্রজন্মের চিত্রনায়িকা পূজা চেরী নিজ বাড়িতেই দুর্ঘটনার শিকার হয়েছেন। গতকাল মঙ্গলবার (১১ আগস্ট) দিবাগত রাতে পা পিছলে পড়ে গিয়ে তিনি গুরুতরভাবে আহত হন।