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Corruption is not only a problem in Bangladesh, but also in the US: Peter Haas

News of Arav Khan's arrest is not true

Shahabuddin Chuppu has no obstacle to take oath as President

Special session of Parliament to begin on April 6

23 people sentenced to death in Madaripur's Rajib murder case

Actor Shakib Khan in DB office with fraud case against producer

Dhaka, March 21: Actor Shakib Khan went to Gulshan Model Police Station on Saturday to file a defamation case against a producer named Rahmatullah. But the police did not take the case. They advised him to file a case in court. The next day, Sunday, March 19, he went to the DB office. They, however, took note of Shakib's complaint and promised to take swift action.

Shakib Khan gets two recognitions

Dhaka, February 25: Shakib Khan is a popular actor of Dhallywood. The audience is waiting for Shakib Khan's new film. However, before the film, the actor gave another good news. Not even one, but the actor has given the news of a pair of recognitions for the fans.

Shakib Khan injured on shooting set

Dhaka, February 16: Actor Shakib Khan was injured while shooting a fight scene in the movie 'Agun'. He has injured his leg. The actor is currently resting at home. Multiple sources associated with the movie and present on the shooting set said this.

Miscreants intrude, enter Shakib Khan's 'Jannat'

Dhaka, November 12: A few miscreants attacked hero Shakib Khan's pubail house 'Jannat' in Gazipur. This incident happened on Thursday around half past one.

Shakib Khan inaugurates Urmila's beauty parlour

Dhaka, 23 October 2022 : Dhakai movie superstar Shakib Khan is back to work again.

No relationship with actress Puja outside work: Shakib Khan

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, Oct 14: After the news of Shakib Khan's marriage with actress Bubly came to light, there have been rumors of the Dhallywoood actor's marriage with actress Puja Cherry. There is a lot of discussion and criticism about Puja-Shakib, especially on social media. Shakib Khan responded to these discussions.

I got married only twice: Actor Shakib Khan

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, Oct 7: Superstar Shakib Khan is an influential and popular actor of Dhallywood. He always likes to be busy with his work. But his personal life is more discussed than his works. And that discussion moves towards criticism with time. However, without paying attention to these discussions and criticisms, he goes at his own pace.

Please don't speculate rumours: Actress Tanjin Tisha

Entertainment Correspondent, Dhaka, Oct 6: Shakib Khan, the top hero of Dhallywood, is going to work in Raihan Rafi's film for the first time. Their fans are looking forward to seeing the work of this director-hero duo. Finally, the long wait is coming to an end. On Tuesday, both Shakib and Rafi shared the news of their coming together on social media.

Puja Cherry flaunts her US Visa

Dhaka, October 4: Dhallywood discussion is not stuck on Bubli-Bir-Shakib Khan. Rather, the name of Pooja Cherry, another rising actress of Dhallywood, is also coming up in various ways.

Shakib Khan fathered actress Bubli's son

Dhaka, September 30: The alleged superstar of Bengali cinema, Shakib Khan, has once again caused an accident. On the other hand, it was revealed that actress Bubli did not learn any lessons from the fate of her predecessor actress Apu.

Shakib, Puja to work together again

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, Sept 25: Dhallywood star Shakib Khan is also successful as a producer. Several popular movies have been produced by his company SK Films. A few days ago, Shakib also received a government grant as a producer. The government is giving him a grant of Tk 65 lakh for a movie named 'Maya'.

Dhallywood superstar Shakib Khan meets with Indian High Commissioner

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, August 30: Dhallywood superstar Shakib Khan met Indian High Commissioner to Dhaka Vikram Kumar Doraiswami. They exchanged views on several issues including film and culture. Shakib himself said that he had met the Indian High Commissioner on Sunday.

Getting married to Shakib Khan was a big mistake: Apu Biswas

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, August 27: Dhallywood queen Apu Biswas is currently in Kolkata, India. There, she is busy with the promotion of the movie 'Ajaker Shortcut' directed by Subir Mondal. The popular actress is going to debut in Kolkata's Tollywood through this film.

Actor Shakib Khan returns to Bangladesh after 9 months

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, August 18: Dhakai film's top hero Shakib Khan has returned home safely after nine long months.

Puja Cherry will be the heroine in Shakib's next movie

Entertainment Correspondent, Dhaka, July 2: Shakib Khan, the top hero of Dhaka cinema, is also successful as a film producer. Multiple movies have been made from his company SK Films. They have also gained viewership. A few days ago, Shakib also received a government grant as a producer. The government is giving him a grant of Tk 65 lakh for a movie called 'Maya'.