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Anan Khan, Zara Moni in new musical film

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Idhika opens up about working with Razz

Entertainment Reporter, Dhaka, 28 October 2023: A few days ago it was reported in the news that Kolkata actress Idhika Pal is going to act with Bangladeshi actor Shariful Razz. News about this has been published in various media.

Shariful Razz to act opposite Idhika Paul in Kobi

Entertainment Reporter, Dhaka 24 October 2023: Shakib Khan is the popular hero of Dhaka cinema. Director Hasibur Reza Kallol made the movie 'Satta' about him. The movie was well appreciated by the audience. Director Kallol announced the production of another movie with Shakib. The name of the movie is 'Kobi'.

Celebrity cricket: Actress Moushumi Hamid opens up about actor Shariful Razz

Entertainment Reporter, Dhaka, 2 October 2023: The Celebrity Cricket League was organized with the stars of the showbiz arena to encourage the Bangladesh national cricket team ahead of the World Cup. But the experience is not pleasant at all. Unexpected events like fights between the stars happened with this game.

Razz-Porimoni finally divorced

Entertainment Reporter, Dhaka, 21 September 2023: Rumors that actor Shariful Razz and actress Porimoni's marriage are breaking up have been heard in the media for several months. Now it is known that they are really going to separate. According to various sources, Porimoni signed the divorce papers on the night of September 17 and sent the divorce letter to Razz on September 18.

Not Porimoni's attack, injury due to car accident: Shariful Razz

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, 23 August 2023: Actor Shariful Razz said, "The news that is being spread on Facebook and some media is not correct. Not Porimoni's beating, I had a head injury in a car accident. But that wasn't much, with the help of doctors I am now healthy. I am currently preparing for the next film, I don't listen to the words of outsiders, so I don't even pick up the phone."

Razz returns to Pori's home

Entertainment Reporter, Dhaka, 19 August 2023: Porimoni and Shariful Razz, the popular star couple, got together again after letting go of their ego. Razz has returned to Pori's house again after a long period of three months. He said, they are fine, they are doing well. This actor is spending great time with his son.

Pori Moni and Razz heading for divorce

Dhaka, June 7: Actress Pori Moni has sought divorce from her husband and actor Shariful Razz within 24 hours. She told a news outlet, Pori Moni said, "I can't live with a fake person. I want Razz to divorce me within 24 hours."

Sariful Razz-Sunerah Binte Kamal's private video and photos leaked online

Dhaka, May 30: Some pictures and videos of actress Sunerah Binte Kamal with actor Sariful Razz suddenly spread on social media on Monday night.

Pori Moni will visit Argentina with husband Razz if Messi wins world cup

Dhaka, December 5: Dhakai movie star couple Pori Moni and Shariful Razz are enjoying the ongoing World Cup football tournament. Following a love marriage they live as a family, but when it comes to football, they walk on different paths. Pori Moni's favorite team since childhood is Argentina, while Razz is an ardent supporter of Brazil.

Mim not to feature opposite Razz, says Pori Moni

Dhaka, November 23: Pori Moni is a popular actress of Dhakai cinema. Her husband is actor Shariful Razz. Recently two movies 'Paran' and 'Damal' starring Razz have won the hearts of the audience. Bidya Sinha Mim was the heroine in two of his films.

Actors Shariful Razz, Nazifa Tusi among five injured in road accident

Dhaka, August 27: At least five people, including actors Shariful Razz and Nazifa Tusi, sustained injuries following a road accident in Dhaka.