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Prime Minister inaugurates 26 development projects

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There is no transmission line over Padma-Yamuna

Padma Setu buses are allowed to board on Hanif flyover

Pori Moni will visit Argentina with husband Razz if Messi wins world cup

Dhaka, December 5: Dhakai movie star couple Pori Moni and Shariful Razz are enjoying the ongoing World Cup football tournament. Following a love marriage they live as a family, but when it comes to football, they walk on different paths. Pori Moni's favorite team since childhood is Argentina, while Razz is an ardent supporter of Brazil.

Mim not to feature opposite Razz, says Pori Moni

Dhaka, November 23: Pori Moni is a popular actress of Dhakai cinema. Her husband is actor Shariful Razz. Recently two movies 'Paran' and 'Damal' starring Razz have won the hearts of the audience. Bidya Sinha Mim was the heroine in two of his films.

Actors Shariful Razz, Nazifa Tusi among five injured in road accident

Dhaka, August 27: At least five people, including actors Shariful Razz and Nazifa Tusi, sustained injuries following a road accident in Dhaka.