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Winners of National Film Award 2021

Two Russian ships in Mongla with Rooppur power plant goods

Two children to be with Japanese mother: Court

I will not run away, if necessary I will go to Fakhrul-Tuku's house: Quader

Entire city of Rajshahi turned into a grand gathering of the Prime Minister

Bangladesh will be further assisted: World Bank MD

Dhaka, January 25: The World Bank will further assist Bangladesh in creating jobs in the private sector, improving social and economic inclusion, and reducing climate risks, said Axel Van Trotsenburg, the organization's managing director.

Government's goal to raise per capita income to $12,000 by 2041: Prime Minister

Dhaka, January 25: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that she has assumed the power of the state with the aim of giving a beautiful life to the people. Her goal is to raise the per capita income of the people to 12 thousand US dollars by 2041. However, in this progress of the country, she urged everyone to be careful against any conspiracy.

Remittances witness growth

Dhaka, January 23: Remittances from expatriates, one of the main sources of demand for dollars, have suffered. As a result, the pressure on the foreign exchange reserves is gradually decreasing. According to the data of Bangladesh Bank, after last December, the flow of remittances sent by expatriates has increased in the current month of January.

Balla land port of Chunarughat will open the door of new possibilities in import and export

Dhaka, January 14: Balla land port of Chunarughat upazila of Habiganj district will open the door of new possibilities in import and export. Modernization of land ports is progressing at a fast pace. Although the work is scheduled to be completed on June 30, 2023, the authorities have expressed hope that the work will be completed by May. Already, after the completion of the boundary work, the infrastructure development work has also been completed 75 percent.

Loan defaulters to get relief by paying half the amount

Dhaka, December 19: Loan defaulters have been given another chance. If you pay half of the loan installment that is 50 percent, you will get relief from the loan default. According to the new instructions of the central bank, he will not be identified as a defaulter if he pays half of the loan installments for the last quarter of the current year 2022 (October to December) by December.

Don't create danger by keeping money at home: PM

Dhaka, December 16: Prime Minister and Awami League President Sheikh Hasina mentioned that panic is being created by spreading rumors that there is no money in the bank.

If oil prices stabilize in international market, Bangladesh to make adjustment: Nasrul Hamid

Dhaka, December 15: State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid said that the price of oil in the international market has decreased, but it is not stable. If the market is not stable, the price cannot be reduced accordingly. Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) is monitoring the matter. It is increasing today and decreasing tomorrow, that is, if the market price is not stable until a certain time, the market price of the country cannot be changed with the international market. Domestic market rates will be adjusted when the international market stabilizes.

IMF praises progress of Bangladesh

Dhaka, 11 December 2022: Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal said that the recently visited International Monetary Fund (IMF) delegation highly appreciated the progress of Bangladesh.

Government is working to keep the sea safe for economic prosperity: Sheikh Hasina

Dhaka, December 8: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that her government is working to ensure a safe and secure environment in the sea to protect marine resources and marine trade for economic prosperity.

Bangladesh called to lead the interests of less developed countries

Dhaka, December 6: Representatives of civil society have recommended Bangladesh to play an important role in providing strong leadership on behalf of less developed countries in the creation of Loss and Damage Financing Framework (LDFF) in next year's climate talks.

No Dollar shortage by March-April: Minister

Dhaka, 4 December 2022 : Like the rest of the world, inflation has come down a bit in Bangladesh.

Inflation is constantly decreasing, will go down further: Planning Minister

Dhaka, December 2: Planning Minister MA Mannan said that the inflation is constantly decreasing. As part of the continuation, inflation will decrease further. The minister said this at a discussion meeting on the occasion of 'welcoming and commemoration' of the children of freedom fighters working in the BCS administration and BCS police cadre to celebrate the Great Victory Day and implement the spirit of liberation war at the International Mother Language Institute in the city on Thursday (December 1).

Prime Minister Hasina instructs banking sector to show real state

Dhaka, November 28: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has directed the concerned to show the real state of the country's banking sector. She gave this order at the secretary meeting held at the Prime Minister's office on Sunday (November 27). In the afternoon, Cabinet Secretary Khandkar Anwarul Islam gave this information to reporters at the Secretariat.

There is enough reserve in the country: Sheikh Hasina

Dhaka, November 26: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina condemned people who are misleading others about reserves, saying the country has enough reserves and that it is being used for public welfare. Her government will do everything possible for the welfare of the people, no one should suffer.

Inflation will come down in December-January: Planning Minister

Dhaka, November 23: With the good news of reducing inflation, Planning Minister MA Mannan said that now the inflation rate is going down and the wage rate is going up. This is a good sign. Inflation will come down next December or January. Inflation will stabilize in February.