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Usable reserves fall below $16 billion

Dhaka, Nov 28: Dollar crisis began in the country after the the Russia-Ukraine war started. The crisis is not over yet. Bangladesh's reserves are falling day by day due to the dollar crisis. Bangladesh Bank released an account of reserves last week. Usable reserve is much lower than that.

Tk 13,750 cr comes in remittance in 20 days

Dhaka, Oct 23: In the first 20 days of October, expatriates sent Tk 125 crore 70 thousand dollars in remittance through banking channels, which is Tk 13,750 crore 77 lakh in in Bangladeshi currency (USD 1 = Tk 110). The average daily remittance inflow is 6 crore 25 lakh US dollars or about Tk 688 crore.

Bangladesh Bank Governor warns to prevent manipulation with dollars

Dhaka, Sept 21: Bangladesh Bank on Tuesday issued a show cause notice to the treasury heads of 10 private sector banks for allegedly buying and selling dollars at higher prices than the fixed limit. A day after this, Bangladesh Bank Governor Abdur Rauf Talukder warned the chairmen of these banks to prevent manipulation with dollars.

Strict verification of product price before opening LC

Dhaka, Sept 19: Money laundering has increased in foreign countries through imports. The government is losing revenue. The central bank is concerned about the matter. In such a situation, Bangladesh Bank has become active in checking the price of imported goods to control money laundering. Henceforth the importer or his domestic agent has been asked to provide several details including full details of the product, value, brand, date of manufacture, packaging information and grade.

Sri Lanka returns another $10 cr to Bangladesh

Dhaka, Sept 2: Bangladesh lent 20 crore dollars to the neighbouring country Sri Lanka from the foreign exchange reserves of the central bank. Sri Lanka is paying 10 crore (100 million) US dollars of that loan. Earlier, the country had returned 5 crore (50 million) dollars. In total, the country has paid 15 crore (150 million) US dollars.

Bangladesh Bank's profit increases by 82%

Dhaka, August 23: The hike in the price of the dollar and the rise in government debt has also increased the profit of Bangladesh Bank. In the recently concluded fiscal year 2022-2023, Bangladesh Bank has made a net profit of Tk 10,748 crore. Of this, Tk 10,652 crore has been deposited in the government treasury. The Board of Directors of Bangladesh Bank has approved this account on Tuesday.

Indian rupee exchange will reduce dependence on reserves: Pranay Verma

Dhaka, July 12: Pranay Kumar Verma, the Indian High Commissioner appointed in Dhaka, said that Indian rupee exchange will reduce dependence on foreign exchange reserves. 

Bangladesh’s central bank takes some critical decisions

Dhaka, June 24: Bangladesh’s central bank took some critical decisions at its latest monetary policy meeting on June 18. It had decided to replace the prevailing regime of administered or artificial foreign exchange rates with a unified market-determined rate by the end of the 2023-24 (July-June) fiscal year. Also, the three-year-old deposit floor rate is removed. Banks can now offer interests of their choice to the depositor. The cap on the lending rate is allowed to move up to three percentage points from the prevailing 12%.

Reserve again crosses $30 billion mark

Dhaka, May 12: Bangladesh has received 507 million dollars as budget loan assistance from the World Bank. This money is added to the reserve. As a result, the country's reserves have risen above 30 billion dollars. Two days ago, the reserve was $29 billion after paying import charges.

Lowest reserves in 7 years

Dhaka, May 9: Due to Russia-Ukraine war situation, the country is facing dollar crisis. At this time, Bangladesh Bank took various initiatives to save dollars. However, the pressure on reserves is not easing. Instead, dollars are constantly being supplied to the market from the reserves to pay the import bill.

Bangladesh Bank's stolen reserve likely to be returned within next few months

Dhaka, March 17: In the next few months, the entire amount of stolen reserves of Bangladesh Bank may be returned. After the Federal Court's ruling last January, the Philippine government has taken steps to return this money as soon as possible.

Bangladesh Bank lifts interest rate limit on deposits

Dhaka, January 16: Finally, Bangladesh Bank has removed the fixed interest rate on bank deposits. From now on, banks and financial institutions will be able to set their own interest rates on deposits. This announcement was made in the monetary policy announced for the last six months of the current financial year 2022-23 on Sunday.

Loan defaulters to get relief by paying half the amount

Dhaka, December 19: Loan defaulters have been given another chance. If you pay half of the loan installment that is 50 percent, you will get relief from the loan default. According to the new instructions of the central bank, he will not be identified as a defaulter if he pays half of the loan installments for the last quarter of the current year 2022 (October to December) by December.

Foreign exchange reserves fall to $35 billion

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, Oct 21: Dollar crisis in the country is at an extreme. Bangladesh Bank is providing dollars from the reserve to eliminate this crisis. And this is pulling the reserve. The country's foreign exchange reserves have further fallen to USD 35 billion. This information is known from the sources of Bangladesh Bank.

Banks will buy remittance dollars for Tk 108

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, Sept 12: The commercial banks have determined the maximum dollar price for the import, export, and remittance of the banks. From now on, if expatriates send remittances through banking channels in the country, the bank will pay a maximum of Tk 108 per dollar. If government incentives of Tk 2.50 are added, it will be Tk 110.50.