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Bangladesh exported 751 products to 203 countries: Commerce Minister

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, June 24: In the fiscal year 2020-21, Bangladesh exported 751 products to 203 countries of the world. It earned 38.76 billion US dollars.

Export earnings rise by 23.24% in May

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, June 4: The country's export earnings increased by 23.24 percent year-on-year to USD 3.83 billion in May 2022, according to data released by the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB).

Export earnings rise by 51% in April

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, May 10: Export earnings increased 51.18 percent in April on the back of high growth in garment exports. During this time, goods worth USD 473.46 crore had been exported.

Exports increase by 55 percent in March

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, April 6: Entrepreneurs of the country have exported goods worth USD 472.22 crore in March last year, maintaining the upward trend of export earnings. The growth was about 55 percent compared to the same period last year.

Exports surge 41pc in January

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, February 3: The garment sector, which was hit by the pandemic, is turning around. New export earnings have raised hopes. As a result, in January, the first month of the new year, Bangladesh earned 485 crore 3 lakh 7 thousand US dollars.