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Holy Shab-e-Qadr today

Soon the situation in Chittagong Hill Tracts will be calm: Obaidul Quader

KNF attack to loot money and show capability: RAB

Kidnapped manager of Sonali Bank returns to his family

Home Minister to visit Bandarban tomorrow to inspect situation

PM proposes India to use Chittagong and Sylhet ports

Dhaka, March 20: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has proposed the use of Chittagong and Sylhet ports to India for mutual benefit, stressing on strengthening regional connectivity to increase trade and commerce.

Chittagong port witnesses drop in import-export in October

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, Nov 5: A downward trend has been seen in the handling of import-export goods at Chittagong port. After the months of August and September, the handling of import-export goods decreased in the main seaports of the country in October. Traders believe that this has happened due to the situation of Russia-Ukraine war, the global recession and the dollar crisis, which discourages the import of various products as well as the decrease in exports.

Chittagong port's container-cargo handling hits record high in FY 2021-22

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, July 2: The country's main Chittagong seaport's container and cargo handling has hit a record high in the 2021-22 financial year, which is much more than the previous financial year.

Chittagong port operational even after 53 of its staffers died of COVID-19

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, February 10: Works in Chittagong port were not suspended for a single moment even after the port lost 53 of its official-workers to corona. This port has played a vital role in keeping the country's economy afloat.

Patenga Container Terminal to be operational in June

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, February 7: The Patenga container terminal will be operational in June this year.

More trials required to commence transit with India: State Minister for Shipping

Own representative, Dhaka, January 3: State Minister for Shipping Khalid Mahmud Chowdhury has said a few more trials are needed to launch Bangladesh's transit with India. He made the remarks while speaking to reporters after inaugurating the Tugboat Kandari-6 and various other projects attached to the fleet of Chittagong port on Sunday (January 2).

Chittagong to get two more inland container depots

Dhaka, August 4: Two more inland container depots (ICDs) are being set up in Chittagong. Anchorage Containers Depot is being constructed approximately 10 km from the port and Bay Link Container is being constructed in Barabkunda Union area of Sitakunda, which is approximately 35 km away from the port.

Containers from Chittagong port being moved to ICD to resolve congestion

Dhaka, July 26: Most of the country's industries are closed due to the ongoing lockdown (restrictions) announced by the government. As a result, the process of unloading imported containers at Chittagong port has slowed down at an alarming rate. As a result, the number of containers in the port is increasing. The Chittagong Port Authority has started various activities to resolve the congestion. Various business associations were pressured to expedite the release of goods as well as high-level guidance from the government for alternative measures.

Terrible congestion in the transportation of exported goods at Chittagong port

Dhaka, July 7: Due to stagnation in transshipment ports like Singapore, Colombo and Malaysia, there has been a terrible complication in the transport of export goods to Chittagong port. Apart from this, the crisis of containers and shortage of large ships and imbalance with imports have had a negative impact on the country's export trade. Due to this, there are piles of goods inside and outside the internal container depots (ICDs) engaged in loading exported goods.

Officials identify eight routes seeking better connections with northeast India

নিজস্ব প্রতিনিধি, ঢাকা, ৮ আগস্ট ২০২০ : বাংলাদেশের সঙ্গে উত্তর-পূর্বাঞ্চলকেন্দ্রিক যোগাযোগ সম্প্রসারণে নজর দিয়েছে ভারত। গত মাসেই কলকাতা থেকে পণ্যবাহী জাহাজ চট্টগ্রাম নৌবন্দর হয়ে ভারতের ত্রিপুরায় যায়। এটি ছিল পরীক্ষামূলক প্রথম পণ্য পরিবহন। ভারত সরকার আশা করে, পরীক্ষামূলক জাহাজ চলাচলের মাধ্যমে ভারতের উত্তর-পূর্বাঞ্চলের উন্নয়নের পাশাপাশি ঢাকার সঙ্গে বাণিজ্য যোগাযোগ উন্নত হবে।

As shipment reaches Tripura via Chittagong port, Delhi hopes of bolstering Indo-Bangla bond

Dhaka: Diplomats in Delhi are chuffed after Tripura received its first shipment that reached them from Kolkata via the Chittagong port in Bangladesh. The development, which took place on Thursday (July 23), is said to revive a historic route that was overlooked for nearly a century.

Chittagong port touches new record

নিজস্ব প্রতিনিধি, ঢাকা, জুলাই ৩ : চট্টগ্রাম সমুদ্রবন্দর ২০১৭-১৮ অর্থবছরে ২৮ লাখ ৮ হাজার ৫৫৪ টিইইউ’স (২০ ফুট লম্বা) কনটেইনার হ্যান্ডলিং করেছে।