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Underpass U-loop to be constructed on Dhaka-Chittagong highway

Power generation has increased to 13,793 MW under Sheikh Hasina's leadership

Containers from Chittagong port being moved to ICD to resolve congestion

Lockdown: Record 587 arrests, fine of Tk 14 lakh made in Dhaka on Sunday

Public Administration Minister calls for formation of Covid-19 Prevention Committee in each neighbourhood

Bangladesh's GDP growth could be 5.1%, says World Bank

Dhaka, June 9: The World Bank has hinted that Bangladesh's gross domestic product (GDP) growth will reach a maximum of 5.1 percent in the coming fiscal year. This was predicted in the June issue of the top biennial report on the global economic situation of the leading financial institutions in the global financial sector.

Growth could be 5 percent this year: IMF

Dhaka, April 7: Bangladesh's GDP growth in 2021 could be five percent. Next year (in 2022) the country's GDP growth may be 7.5 percent. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has given such a forecast.