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India is increasing the duty on onions, the impact will increase in Bangladesh

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, 26 August 2023: Government of India is going to increase the duty again in the case of onion export. However, it is not yet known how much the new tariff will be. Indian businessmen told the importers of Bangladesh on mobile phones. The businessmen of Bangladesh believe that imposing new tariffs before the week of 40 percent tariff will affect the import of goods.

Indian green chilly enters Bangladeshi through Hili landport

Dhaka, June 26: After a long 10 months to keep the price normal, the import of green chilly has started through Hili land port of Dinajpur. On Monday (June 26) at 10:30 a.m., a truck loaded with green chilly entered Bangladesh.

Onion imported through Sona Masjid and Hili land ports

Dhaka, June 5: The government had stopped the import of onion due to sufficient production in the country. Despite sufficient stocks, the onion market was volatile for several months only on the pretext of stoppage of imports. The price of onion increased two and a half to three times in a span of two months. Onion prices could not be reined in despite the operations of the Consumer Rights Protection Department and mobile courts in various markets.

Import of stone chips through Hili land port stalled for 11 days as India increases parking fees

Dhaka, February 23: Import of chips stone through the Hili land port of Dinajpur has been stopped for 11 days due to various reasons, including the increase in parking charges and overloading. The contract importers and stone traders of the port are in trouble as they are not able to supply stones in various projects. Lack of stone is likely to hamper ongoing development activities. Besides, the revenue collection of the port has decreased due to non-import of stone.

Indian traders to halt export of goods to Hili from Wednesday

Dhaka, June 7: Indian traders have announced a halt to imports and exports through the Hakimpur Hili land port in Dinajpur from Wednesday (June 9). The information was confirmed through a letter signed by Dhiraj Adhikari, general secretary of the Hili Exporters and Customs Clearing Agents Association, an Indian business organisation, on Sunday (June 6).