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Diesel prices are lower in Bangladesh than in neighboring countries

Dhaka, November 6: Diesel and kerosene prices in Bangladesh are lower than in neighboring countries especially India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal. According to the, the world average price of petrol is Tk 106.36 per liter, which is Tk 26.36 more than the price in Bangladesh.

Another 172 tons 490 kilograms of Hilsa exported to India

Dhaka, October 4: Another 172 tons 490 kg of hilsa went to India through Benapole land port. Saifur Rahman Mamun, revenue officer of the customs cargo branch of the port, confirmed the matter on Sunday (October 3) evening.

Another 2,500 tonnes of Hilsa fish to be exported to India ahead of Durga Puja

Dhaka, September 24: The Commerce Ministry has given permission to export another 2,520 metric tonnes of hilsa fish to India ahead of Durga Puja. A letter from the ministry's Export-2 branch on Thursday (September 23) allowed the export of the fish. The letter has been sent to the Chief Controller of Imports and Exports.

First consignment of Hilsa fish exported to India ahead of Durga Puja

Dhaka, September 23: The first consignment of hilsa fish has been exported to India ahead of the Durga Puja. On Wednesday (September 22) evening, 78,840 kg of the fish went to India through the Benapole checkpost.

Bangladesh to export 2,000 tonnes of Hilsa fish to India ahead of Durga Puja

Dhaka, September 21: The Commerce Ministry has allowed 52 companies to export Hilsa fish (Ilish) to India on the occasion of the upcoming Durga Puja. Each company has been allowed to export a maximum of 40 metric tonnes, for a total of 2,080 metric tonnes of the delicacy.

Restoration of Haldibari-Chilahati rail link to boost trade and P2P connectivity between Bangladesh and India

Dhaka, August 2: India and Bangladesh have started regular operation of freight trains through the Haldibari - Chilahati Rail Route from August 1 (Sunday). Indian Railways dispatched the first freight train loaded with stones from Damdim Station of Northeast Frontier Railway to Bangladesh.

Bangladesh's economy is moving forward with export and expatriate income: Asian Development Bank

Dhaka, July 24: According to predictions by the Asian Development Bank, Bangladesh's economic growth will continue even in the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. The way in which the economy of this country overcame all obstacles during the first wave of the epidemic will continue in the days to come, the ADB said.

Swiss bank deposits from Bangladeshis drop

Dhaka, June 19: In 2020, Bangladeshis smuggled 56 crore 29 lakh francs in Swiss bank from Bangladesh, which is moe than 5,179 crore takas in Bangladeshi currency (1 Swiss Franc is 91.83 BDT). In 2019, the amount of this money was Tk 5,668 crore. In other words, the amount of money from Bangladesh held by Swiss banks has decreased this year as compared to last year. The money laundered is equal to the paid-up capital of at least 10 private banks in Bangladesh.

India-Bangladesh border closed: Business facing trouble

Dhaka, May 23, 2021: Due to the deteriorating Corona situation in India, the deadline for land border closure with the country has been extended for another eight days.

Trade deficit with SAARC countries widens to USD 5,000 million in a year

Dhaka, April 1: Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi said Bangladesh's trade deficit with SAARC countries was USD 5,207 million in the last 2019-20 fiscal year. Among the SAARC countries, Bangladesh has trade deficit with all countries except Nepal and the Maldives. India has the largest trade deficit. The trade deficit with the country in Bangladesh is USD 4,697.22 million.

Maldives to top South Asian economy, followed by Bangladesh: World Bank

Dhaka, March 31: The World Bank predicts that the South Asian economy will recover from the effects of the corona. It said the average growth of South Asia's gross domestic product (GDP) in 2021 could be 7.2 percent. In the next 2022 fiscal year, the average growth may be a little less than 4.4 percent.

First shipment of food products by sea to India through Pran Group

As the first consignment of food items on the golden jubilee of Bangladesh's independence, a cargo ship has left for India with 25,000 cartons of lychee drinks of Pran Group.

Bangladesh hopeful of shipping goods to India as well as neighboring countries including Bhutan

Dhaka, March 17: State Minister for Shipping Khalid Mahmud Chowdhury has expressed hope to send goods not only to India but also to Bhutan and other neighboring countries using the waterways.

Seamless transport connectivity can create significant economic gains for Bangladesh and India: World Bank

Dhaka,March 11: Seamless transport connectivity between India and Bangladesh has the potential to increase national income by as much as 17 percent in Bangladesh and 8 percent in India, says a new World Bank report.

The government will not fund commercial vaccinations

Dhaka, January 22: If a private company wants to bring a coronavirus vaccine, it has to bring it with its own funds, the government will not finance. Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal made the remarks in response to a question from reporters after a virtual meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Economic and Public Procurement on Wednesday (January 21).