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Looking for structural reforms to boost remittances: Finance Minister

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, 25 September 2023: Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal has said that the government is looking for structural reforms to increase remittances.

Dollar rate up again for remittances

Dhaka, August 1: In the case of remittances sent by expatriates, the rate of dollar has been increased by 50 paise to Tk 109, and in terms of export earnings, the rate of dollar has been increased by Tk 1 to Tk 108.50. Besides, the rate of dollar has been increased by 50 paisa to Tk 109.50 in the settlement of imports.

Tk 15,475 cr comes in remittance in 21 days

Dhaka, July 24: Remittances or expatriate income has held a good position amid the country's ongoing dollar crisis. Just like the recently concluded June, there is a positive trend in July as well. Stakeholders hope that if remittance warriors continue to send their remittances, it will cross the $2 billion ($2.10 billion) mark by the end of July.

Record Tk 10,801 cr came in remittance in 14 days in July: Report

Dhaka, July 17: The dollar crisis in the country is not over yet. In the meantime, Bangladesh Bank is constantly providing dollars from foreign currency reserves to meet urgent import expenses. It is also straining the reserves. Net reserves (IMF accounting system) decreased to 23.57 billion dollars.

Remittance of Tk 23,859 cr came in June, highest in last 3 years

Dhaka, July 3: In June, remittances of USD 219 crore 90 lakh came to the country. Its amount in local currency (1 USD= Tk 108.50) is more than Tk 23,859 crore. This amount is the highest in any single month in three years.

Daily remittances before Eid-ul-Azha are Tk 694 crore

Dhaka, June 19: Ahead of the holy Eid-ul-Azha, the pace of expatriate income (remittance) has increased. About 6.40 crore USD or 694 crore taka (about 108 taka 50 paise per dollar) is coming to the country every day in this month of June. If the trend of remittances continues, it will reach close to two billion (over $191 crore) by the end of the month.

Tk 5,103 cr comes in remittance in 7 days

Dhaka, April 10: In the current financial year 2022-23, the first month of July and the second month of August, two billion dollars of remittances came. After that, remittances did not reach the milestone of two billion dollars for six consecutive months. However, in March, the ninth month of the financial year, the income sent by expatriates turned around again. Over 2 billion dollars came in remittance this month.

Record remittance comes in month of independence

Dhaka, April 3: In the first month of July and the second month of August of the current (2022-23) financial year, USD 2 billion came in remittances to the country. After six consecutive months, the remittance did not reach the milestone of 2 billion dollars. Finally, in the ninth month of the financial year, the remittance turned around again, and exceeded USD 2 billion.

Tk 730 cr remittances coming daily in March

Dhaka, March 16: In March, the third month of this year, remittances (expatriate income) of 6 crore 82 lakh dollars or Tk 730 crore (calculating 1 USD = Tk 107) are coming to the country every day. If this trend continues, the expatriate income will reach a record 2.11 billion dollars or Tk 22,600 crore rupees at the end of the month. This picture has emerged in the latest report of Bangladesh Bank.

Remittance worth Tk 17,000 crore received in February

Dhaka, March 2: Bangladesh Bank has taken various initiatives to increase remittances through banking channels. Incentive on remittances increased from two percent to two and a half percent. However, remittances (expatriate income) are not coming to the country as expected.

Bangladesh recording daily remittances in excess of Tk 688 crore

Dhaka, February 14: Remittance flows have started to turn positive. In the first month of this year, Bangladeshi expatriates in different countries of the world sent remittances of 195.88 crore US dollars to the country. Which is more than 20 thousand 959 crores in Bangladeshi currency (as 107 taka per dollar). According to that, the average daily remittances are more than 6.31 crore dollars. In the previous month of December, remittances came in at 169 crore dollars.

Expatriate income increases

Dhaka, February 2: In the midst of the dollar crisis, there is a breath of fresh air in expatriate income. In the first month of this year, January, remittances of 195.88 crore dollars have arrived. In Bangladeshi currency (with per dollar as 107 taka) this amount is more than 20 thousand 959 crore taka. That means more than 6.31 crore dollars have come every day. In the previous month, the remittance of 169 crore dollars came in December. This information is known from the report of Bangladesh Bank.

Remittances witness growth

Dhaka, January 23: Remittances from expatriates, one of the main sources of demand for dollars, have suffered. As a result, the pressure on the foreign exchange reserves is gradually decreasing. According to the data of Bangladesh Bank, after last December, the flow of remittances sent by expatriates has increased in the current month of January.

Expatriate income on positive trend at the beginning of new year

Dhaka, January 10: In the first two months (July and August) of the current fiscal year 2022-2023, two billion dollars of remittances came to the country. For the next four months, that target was not reached. However, expatriate income is on a positive trend at the beginning of the new year.

November records highest remittances in three months

Dhaka, December 3: Finally, remittances sent by expatriates have come out of the downward trend. According to the data of Bangladesh Bank, the remittance flow increased slightly in the recently concluded November month. 159.47 million USD remittances came in November, which is the highest in the last three months. This picture emerged in the updated report of Bangladesh Bank on Thursday (December 1).