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Indian rupee exchange will reduce dependence on reserves: Pranay Verma

Dhaka, July 12: Pranay Kumar Verma, the Indian High Commissioner appointed in Dhaka, said that Indian rupee exchange will reduce dependence on foreign exchange reserves. 

Reserve again reaches $31 billion mark

Dhaka, June 26: The country's foreign exchange reserves have started to return to a positive trend. The reserve increased again in two days. Reserves rose to USD 30.85 billion on Sunday. This information was obtained from Bangladesh Bank sources.

Possibility of relief in reserves is getting stronger: PM in Parliament

Dhaka, June 22: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that the possibility of relief in the reserve is getting stronger in the future. The Prime Minister shared this information in response to a question from government party MP Shahiduzzaman Sarkar in the national parliament on Wednesday.

No worries about reserves: PM Hasina

Dhaka, May 15: Stating that there is no shortage of reserves in the country, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that the government is only worried about having enough dollars to buy food for three months, it is not worried about reserves.

Reserve again crosses $30 billion mark

Dhaka, May 12: Bangladesh has received 507 million dollars as budget loan assistance from the World Bank. This money is added to the reserve. As a result, the country's reserves have risen above 30 billion dollars. Two days ago, the reserve was $29 billion after paying import charges.

Lowest reserves in 7 years

Dhaka, May 9: Due to Russia-Ukraine war situation, the country is facing dollar crisis. At this time, Bangladesh Bank took various initiatives to save dollars. However, the pressure on reserves is not easing. Instead, dollars are constantly being supplied to the market from the reserves to pay the import bill.

Bangladesh Bank's stolen reserve likely to be returned within next few months

Dhaka, March 17: In the next few months, the entire amount of stolen reserves of Bangladesh Bank may be returned. After the Federal Court's ruling last January, the Philippine government has taken steps to return this money as soon as possible.

There is enough reserve in the country: Sheikh Hasina

Dhaka, November 26: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina condemned people who are misleading others about reserves, saying the country has enough reserves and that it is being used for public welfare. Her government will do everything possible for the welfare of the people, no one should suffer.

Forex reserves cross $43 billion

Dhaka, December 31: The country's foreign exchange reserves have exceeded USD 43 billion. At present, the foreign exchange reserves are USD 43.17 billion, according to an official press release of the Ministry of Finance on Wednesday (December 30).

Foreign exchange reserve exceeds $42 billion

Dhaka, December 16: Foreign exchange reserves exceeded USD 42 billion, more than at any time in the past. At the end of the day on Tuesday (December 15), Bangladesh Bank's reserves stood at USD 42.03 billion. According to the central bank, reserves have increased by more than USD 1,000 crore in the last one year.

Bangladesh receive remittance of $11 billion in five months

Dhaka, December 2: Although remittances or expatriate income declined slightly last month (November) compared to October, the newly departed remittance income increased by USD 520 million in November compared to November last year. In November, the expatriates sent 206 crore 8 lakh US dollars. In November last year, they sent 155 crore 52 lakh US dollars. In the last five months (July-November), expatriates have sent remittances worth about USD 11 billion (USD 10.904 billion). This information has been highlighted in the updated report of Bangladesh Bank.

Remittances have increased by 43 percent during four months of Covid-19 phase

Dhaka, November 2: Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the positive trend of remittances sent by expatriate Bangladeshis continues. Expatriates sent remittances of USD 2.112 billion in the recently concluded October. This information was revealed by Bangladesh Bank on Sunday (November 1).

Foreign reserve exceeds $41 billion

Dhaka, October 30: Foreign exchange reserves on remittances have crossed the USD 41 billion mark for the first time.

Forex reserves cross $40 billion

নিজস্ব প্রতিনিধি, ঢাকা, ৯ অক্টোবর ২০২০: বাংলাদেশ ব্যাংকের বৈদেশিক মুদ্রার মজুতে (রিজার্ভ) নতুন রেকর্ড হয়েছে। বৃহস্পতিবার মজুত ৪০ বিলিয়ন ডলার বা ৪ হাজার কোটি ডলার ছাড়িয়েছে।

Bangladesh witnesses remittance growth in September

নিজস্ব প্রতিনিধি, ঢাকা, ২ অক্টোবর ২০২০ : বিশ্বজুড়ে করোনার চলমান সঙ্কটের মধ্যেও প্রবাসী আয়ে ইতিবাচক ধারা অব্যাহত রয়েছে। গতমাসে (সেপ্টেম্বরে) ২১৫ কোটি ১০ লাখ মার্কিন ডলারের রেমিট্যান্স পাঠিয়েছেন প্রবাসীরা। একক মাস হিসেবে যা দেশের ইতিহাসে এযাবৎকালের দ্বিতীয় সর্বোচ্চ রেমিট্যান্স। এর আগে সর্বোচ্চ রেকর্ড রেমিট্যান্স এসেছিল চলতি বছরের জুলাইয়ে। ওই মাসে রেমিট্যান্স আসে ২৫৯ কোটি ৯৫ লাখ ডলার। তার আগের মাস জুনে রেমিট্যান্স এসেছিল ১৮৩ কোটি ৩০ লাখ ডলার। বৃহস্পতিবার (১ অক্টোবর) বাংলাদেশ ব্যাংক সূত্রে এ তথ্য জানা গেছে। ...