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Corruption is not only a problem in Bangladesh, but also in the US: Peter Haas

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Shahabuddin Chuppu has no obstacle to take oath as President

Special session of Parliament to begin on April 6

23 people sentenced to death in Madaripur's Rajib murder case

Prime Minister asks to explore new markets

Dhaka, March 21: In view of the Russia-Ukraine war, export growth is certain and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina urged the concerned parties to find new markets for Bangladeshi products.

PM proposes India to use Chittagong and Sylhet ports

Dhaka, March 20: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has proposed the use of Chittagong and Sylhet ports to India for mutual benefit, stressing on strengthening regional connectivity to increase trade and commerce.

Demanding fair share, not mercy: Prime Minister

Dhaka, March 15: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, in the critical situation of the world, many development partners are raising interest rates, and trading partners are imposing unnecessary restrictions, which are pushing us towards economic losses. She demanded for fair share by providing financing on easy terms until the crisis is over.

Bhutan can use Bangladesh's roads, ports

Dhaka, March 14: The government has decided to give the neighbouring country Bhutan the opportunity to use the roads and ports of Bangladesh in terms of import and export. The cabinet has approved the agreement for this purpose.

Prime Minister Hasina inaugurates 'Bangladesh Business Summit-2023'

Dhaka, March 11: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Saturday inaugurated the three-day 'Bangladesh Business Summit-2023' at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center in the capital to celebrate the golden jubilee of FBCCI and the expansion of business and investment.

Bangladesh can be a market of 3 billion people: Sheikh Hasina

Dhaka, March 11: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that due to its strategic geographical location, Bangladesh can be the center of the regional market of 3 billion people. Bangladesh can play a special role in communication as a bridge between East and West.

Prime Minister offers land to Saudi in economic zone

Dhaka, March 11: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has offered land in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) for Saudi Arabia and sought more investment from the oil-rich country in Bangladesh. She said, "We want more Saudi investment in Bangladesh."

Sheikh Hasina calls for Bangladesh-Qatar Business Forum's formation

Doha, March 7: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has called for the formation of a committee between the governments of Bangladesh and Qatar on trade and investment.

PM calls for bigger Japanese investment in Bangladesh

Dhaka, February 10: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina appealed to Japanese investors for bigger investment in various sectors of Bangladesh.

Government's goal to raise per capita income to $12,000 by 2041: Prime Minister

Dhaka, January 25: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that she has assumed the power of the state with the aim of giving a beautiful life to the people. Her goal is to raise the per capita income of the people to 12 thousand US dollars by 2041. However, in this progress of the country, she urged everyone to be careful against any conspiracy.

This is the right time for a fair and just-acceptable economic system: PM

Dhaka, January 13: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said now is the right time to work collectively for a fair and acceptable economic system taking into account the current global economy.

PM calls for increasing commercial cooperation with Brazil

Dhaka, January 9: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina emphasized the need to increase commercial cooperation between Bangladesh and Brazil, saying that there is a huge potential for business expansion between the two countries.

Prime Minister calls for more investment from Turkey in Bangladesh

Dhaka, December 28: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina expects greater investment from Turkey in Bangladesh along with cooperation in sustainable repatriation of Rohingyas.

Don't create danger by keeping money at home: PM

Dhaka, December 16: Prime Minister and Awami League President Sheikh Hasina mentioned that panic is being created by spreading rumors that there is no money in the bank.

PM calls upon Japanese businessmen to invest heavily in Bangladesh

Dhaka, December 12: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina urged Japanese businessmen to invest heavily in Bangladesh.