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Remittance inflows hit record high of $24.77 billion, 89 percent of total amount from 10 countries as USA overtakes

Dhaka, July 13: Expatriates have set a record by sending remittances even during the coronavirus pandemic. In the 2020-21 fiscal year, the country's expatriate income stood at USD 24.77 billion. Never before has so much remittances come to Bangladesh in a year. About 89 percent of the total remittances in this financial year came from 10 countries. This was also the first time that the USA overtook UAE in expatriate remittance.

Bangladesh is India's fifth largest export market

Dhaka, June 17: In the first three months of this year, Bangladesh has risen to the fourth position in the list of India's top export markets. And in the fiscal year 2020-21, Bangladesh ranks fifth in the world as an export destination for Indians.

Two business groups planning to invest in Bangladesh

নিজস্ব প্রতিনিধি, ঢাকা, ফেব্রুয়ারি ২০: সংযুক্ত আরব আমিরাতের দু’টি প্রধান কোম্পানি লুলু গ্রুপ ইন্টারন্যাশনাল এবং এনএমসি গ্রুপ মঙ্গলবার বাংলাদেশে বিশেষ করে স্বাস্থ্য সেবা, হোটেল, বিপনি বিতান ও পর্যটন খাতে বিনিয়োগে আগ্রহ প্রকাশ করেছে।